Monday, 23 June 2014

Mod Gelli Prints by Deborah



Not a finished project this week - or even a how-to. I just wanted to show you the versatility of the Mod mask and stencil set when making monoprints with the Gelli Plate. They'll probably be added to a journal or as backgrounds to tags. I may well add stamping or doodling to some of them. The print centre bottom row would be perfect for journalling.

I just experimented with the two pieces, adding layer on layer, sometimes leaving the stencil or mask in place, using them as stamps to make use of the paint still left on them when using the heavy body acrylics.

Some of the colours I used are Dina Wakley's Night and Lime plus Fresco Finish in London Bus, Blood Orange and Concrete. I also mixed in some paints from Golden - they are very expensive but I got mine in the sale at my local art shop. Different paints bring different qualities to the printing process so it's worth buying different brands and consistencies (heavy body, fluid, chalky etc) to see what works for you.


  1. These are gorgeous Debs and love the varied look the different colours and textures bring.
    Fliss xx

  2. You certainly showcased the versatility and now you have all those amazing backgrounds ready at hand.

  3. What amazing colour combinations, and the layers in the prints have created wonderful textural effects. Can't wait to see what happens with some of these backgrounds - though, to be honest, they could stand alone if you ask me!
    Alison x


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