Saturday, 21 June 2014

Laughter is Timeless by Donna Ratcliff

I’m loving these new DecoArt Multi Surface paints, they dry really quickly and the colours are gorgeous! I had a little plywood frame sitting in the cupboard so decided to give it a bit of colour and sparkle by combining the paints with some sparkle texture paste…….


What I did….

1. Using a bit of old sponge I applied the paint directly to the frame. I started with Coastal Waters, then some Chartreuse and finally a tiny bit of Orange Sherbet.  I wanted the colours to blend together so I didn’t allow each colour to dry but if you wanted more definition just let the colours dry. Then using the Doodle Squares mask I added some squares using Blue Bird……I used the same bit of sponge so the colours mingled nicely but again you could easily make it more defined.

2. Then I added a tiny bit of stamping using a script stamp before adding more ‘Doodle Squares’ but this time of the sparkly variety by using the Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste.

3. I cut a piece of black card just slightly smaller than the frame then stamped and embossed the quote in white. I wanted a slightly chalkboard look so after I had tipped off the excess embossing powder I gave the card a good few hard taps from behind which effectively dislodged more of the powder which meant that when it was embossed it looked more like a chalk finish.


4. Then I simply glued the card in place behind the frame using some Cosmic Shimmer Glue.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you next week

Donna xx

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