Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fabric Stamping with DecoArt Multi Surface Paints by Carol Fox



I wanted to try my new DecoArt paints on fabric, so I teamed them with the Dina Wakley Collaged hearts for my project this week.


What I did


·       I decided to use 3 colours for my main stamping and I put small spots of each colour on my craft mat. Using a separate piece of Cut and Dry Foam for each colour, I picked up the colour on my foam and applied it to the stamp, like I would an ink pad. Too much colour and it will smudge and you will not get a good impression of the image. I blended my colours directly on my stamp.



·       I stamped my quote in the same way using red paint. I did two sets of images so I had a spare in-case my very old sewing machine chewed one up. I stitched the quotes in place on the hearts. I did think at this point of using both so my heart was two sided, but because of the grungy design of the hearts they do not line up very well, so I just used a piece of blank fabric for the back in the end.



·       I backed my heart with the plain fabric and stitched round it leaving a hole to stuff it. I stuffed it very lightly and then ran around it again varying the stitch used so it was messy to fit with the style of the heart image.

·       I coloured a short length of ribbon with the left over paint on my mat and stitched this to the top for hanging. I am debating whether to add a button, but as you can see from my photo I have still not decided.


I used 

Fabric Scrap
Ribbon Scrap
Sewing Machine or hand sew


I have decided I really like the paints to use on fabric. I have been using them for a while for general journaling and dry brushing and they are becoming my “go to” paint for most things and they have encouraged me to use my rubber stamps with paint a lot more which is great for journaling as you get such brighter colours with paint, and the colour is set and will not be affected by what you do on top of it. 


Carol x


  1. Great review, am going to try the DecoArt range and if i like it am contemplating replacing the ones i use at present as they run out.

    Your heart looks fabulous:-) x

  2. What a lovely idea Carol. It looks fabulous.
    Fliss x


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