Monday, 14 April 2014

Affirmation by Deborah


For a change I decided to trace through my stencil, using a pencil - onto a scrap of gelli printed paper. It was already a pinkish colour but I added some deeper pink and yellow with watercolour pencils, blending it with a damp finger.

Once I had cut my figure out I searched around for a background and came up with paper I had used to clear the excess paint from my brayer during a gelli session. You could just as easily brayer or brush the paint straight onto a sheet of paper (or journal page) from scratch. Then you could choose your colours, although you would have to be patient and let the paint dry in between layers of colour.

I often use the back of glossy photo paper (the cheap kind you get in discount shops) for brayering off and for blotting when the stencil is still in place on the gelli plate. It not only uses it up (I don't print photos any more) but the coating means it takes the paint differently from matte card or paper.

Once I had glued the figure in place and trimmed the paper I decided she needed a halo, so I made a mask by tracing the figure again and stamped one of the Prima Stitch Circles around her head. I used two rub-on phrases which seemed to fit (on the bare paper - they won't stick to acrylic paint) and edged the piece with a Slate ProMarker.

At this point I decided to mount it on blue card with a view putting it on my wall (maybe in a picture frame).  It would also work in a journal (without the blue card) or as a card for someone who needs a bit of encouragement or cheering up.


  1. That's brilliant Deb! Love the background, so satisfying using up waste papers, especially when they look that good! Perfect backdrop for your figure xx

  2. Really great creation Debs and love the waste background as a contrast to your bright figure.

  3. This would look amazing as wall art as it has such a powerful feel to it, making it deserving of being on full-time display.

  4. It looks fabulous and I love those colours. It just goes to prove you should never throw any painty pieces away, even if they did start out as scraps.

  5. She's a beautiful image, and your paint layers and colours are just stunning, Deborah - wow!
    Alison x


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