Monday, 24 March 2014

Hope is a Woman by Deborah



Rather than ink up the Hope stamp, I painted the raised lines of the stamp with Fresco Finish Squid Ink paint and stamped it partially off the tag. The result was very loose with some lines thicker where the paint had pooled ( I was keen to get stamping before the paint dried).

As I was aiming for a very painterly look I coloured in Hope and the background with various shades of Fresco Finish paint. The hair is Chutney, the skin a mix of Irish Cream, Tikka and watered down Blood Orange (if you ate that combination you' d probably be very ill!)

I blotted the tag as I went along and didn't worry too much if I went over the lines or overlapped colours, especially as most of them are translucent. Afterwards I went over parts of the outline with a very fine brush dipped in Squid Ink. I also added  a little extra definition and shading with watercolour pencils. I just keep adding and blending until I'm happy with the result.

I painted through some of the Swiss Dot stencil with my finger. Then edged the tag in a wavy line of black ProMarker (which is becoming my something of a signature, I think).

Lastly, I stamped some of the words from the Dina Wakley set.

NB I had quite a bit of paint left on the white ceramic tile I use as a palette so I used another tag to mop up with. Once I had cleaned the remaining paint with a baby wipe I pounced this onto the tag to fill in the gaps. I now have a great paint-y background to stamp onto.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Deborah - you certainly succeeded in achieving a painterly look... the colours and textures are stunning. Hope is beautiful, and the sunrise shading of the background is amazing. Loved your comment about eating that combination of Fresco paints - I once found myself with a sentence about getting Squid Ink on my Little Black Dress!
    Alison xx

  2. A wonderful tag - looks even better in the whole.

  3. Really gorgeous Debs and all the paint gives an amazing look as if no stamping was involved.
    Fliss xx

  4. Love that effect Deb, very arty x

  5. It definitely looks as though you hand painted her - stunning effect and great tutorial.

  6. This is awesome and definitely very 'Amy', love it! xx


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