Thursday, 6 February 2014

UTEE Hanging Hearts by Carol Fox



Today I am going to play with my Melt Pot again along with some clear UTEE and some of the Crystal Colour Drops by Cosmic Shimmer. I love the way they colour the UTEE giving it a very translucent look which reminds me of Rowntrees Gum Drops. It is important to work on a heat resistant craft mat as the Melt Pot gets very hot.


What I Did


·       I used 3 heart shaped cookie cutters and the Winged Mosaic Texture Tread.



·       I melted clear UTEE in my Melt Pot and added Carmine Red Crystal Colour Drops to colour it, I gently stirred to mix, don’t stir to briskly or else you will get air bubbles, if you do get bubbles gently heat the surface of the UTEE with a heat gun and this will make them rise to the surface and pop.



·       Lay the cookie cutters on the texture tread, add some sticks to keep places open for holes, I used bamboo sticks. Gently pour the UTEE into the cookie cutter, filling them one at a time and holding the stick in position until the UTEE sets enough to keep it in place as it cools.



·       When cool remove the cutter and gently pull off the Texture Tread. I wanted both sides of my hearts to have texture, so I stuck the Texture Tread to an acrylic block. Then starting with the largest heart, I laid it on my craft mat and used my heat gun to re-melt the smooth side of it, When the surface is melted enough I pressed the Texture Tread down onto it, when the UTEE was cool I removed it. The heart was now textured on both sides. If you do heat too much and it all melts, just pop it all back in the melt pot and start again.



·       If you find your holes have closed slightly, hold one end of a metal pokey tool with a cloth and heat the other, gently push this back through the hold to re-open it properly.

·       I added gilding wax to my hearts to highlight the texture and then joined then together with jump rings, adding beads and a short length of chain for hanging.


This technique and several others are covered in my DVD which is available to buy in the shop.


I used 

Cookie Cutters


See you next week,
Carol x



  1. Really love your hanging hearts, Carol - and the the tips and tricks like adding the bamboo sticks are really healpful.

  2. Love your hearts and you've explained very well how to do it. Might give this a try sometime !
    Corrie x

  3. Absolutely beautiful creation Carol and thanks for the tips. Must get my melt pot out for a well deserved airing!

  4. So cool, Carol - another step towards a melt pot for me!
    Alison x

  5. Absolutely brilliant; totally stunning! Mwah! KayW


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