Monday, 3 February 2014

It's All Perspective by Deborah


That's Crafty! sells a fabulous array of stencils - and I've used some here -  but sometimes you have something particular in mind - which is where sheets of stencil film come in handy.

To make the stencil:

For my stencil I chose a simple free font called Sewing Patterns (from From nearly 70 retro shapes, I picked the lowercase z, opened it in a photo editing program to resize and crop off the lower part of the skirt and the legs, then printed it out.

Next I taped it to a self healing cutting mat with the stencil film on the top. I don't have the world's steadiest hand with a craft knife and I had to go over it twice (in retrospect it might have been a good idea to trace the image onto the film with a permanent pen) but if you take it slowly and you don't pick too fussy a shape for your first attempt you can cut a stencil pretty quickly.

I now have a stencil and a mask in this shape (I kept the little piece in the crook of her arm).

To make the tag:

I sprayed Dylusions inks through the Mini Dots and Dashes onto some white card or paper. Flipped the inky stencil to use as a stamp on the same piece of card, blotted, then cut to fit the tag.

I placed the mask of the figure onto the tag and drew round it with orange and red water colour pencils. With the tag still in place I wiped the watercolour pencil outline with a wet wipe (use a brand that that's not too wet, like Sainsbury's Basics). I drew over the top again for more definition, blending with my finger.

I stamped the stripy tape with Fired Brick. I then stamped and stencilled onto the background using the numbers and sentiment from Vintage Artist, the dots from the Studio 490 stencil and the centre of one of the flower stencils.

I chose the words It's All Perspective because the figure looks quite contemplative.

To finish, I edged the tag with red watercolour pencil and Coffee Archival ink then glued on some small cream buttons using gloss gel.


  1. wow thats terrific Debs. Annette x

  2. Ooooh clever you, cutting your own stencil xx

  3. Stunning - the way you created your own stencil and then to create a tag such as this - a triumph.

  4. Amazing Deborah, how very clever to make your own stencil, the finished tag looks amazing, so much to see and admire!

  5. This is a fabulous tag and you are very clever to make your own stencil.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. Absolutely stunning tag - from the homemade stencil (wow!) to the beautiful way you created that hazy/defined outline with it to that glorious background ... so many inspirational techniques and tips on one tag - thank you Deborah!!
    Alison x

  7. This is fabulous Debs. Amazing colours and distressed effects.

  8. I love it - it's so stylish.


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