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The Book Tag by Alan Scott

This is a project that I hoped would be something that we can all do, as a lot of the tools used, we crafters normally already have in our crafting arsenal.
The project was a quick one and as you will see there are not hundreds of photos. This time I have tried to combine what was needed in the one shot and not a separate shot for each pen or ink pad.
The focal point of this project is a wonderful stamp from Lynne Perrella LCP021 and is from the PaperArtsy stable of crafting goodies.  


White Stamping Paper
Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad  (as I was going to use alcohol pens for colouring)
Selection of Alcohol Pens
Sakura Glitter ~ Gold and Silver Pens 
Paper Trimmer
We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper
Tombow Glue Stick (a firm favourite!)
Double Sided Tape
Gold Mirror Card
Crop-A-Dile II (Big Bite) Punch
Martha Stewart Corner Punch
Collection of Small Ink Pads
My/Your Paper Beads-Making Plastic Tub
Collection of Highly Decorative Papers (see in How 2 make for instructions as to how and why)
Paper Bead Rolling Tool (a small knitting needle would do the same thing)
White Crafting Glue
Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Ink Pad
Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals Clear
Heat Gun
Thin Ribbon from your ribbon stash
Mod Podge Super Gloss Medium
Paint Brush Soft Tipped
Circle Cutter (here I have used the EK cutter and a glass mat)
Print out of a phrase downloaded from the internet and printed in a circle using my computer D.T.P. Program
Selection of Cosmic Shimmer Misting Ink Sprays
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: Wild Honey ~ Festive Berries (buy 5 get 5% off the total!)
Ink Blending Tool and Foam Applicator
Double Sided Foam Pads



The tools of the project, well the start of the project lol. As I am going to be using alcohol pens, you have to get the right stamping ink.  This is a dye based ink which will work with these pens. I have a good white stamping card. This again will help the lines be clearer/crisper than normal white paper/card.

From my collection of alcohol pens I placed them into a plastic tub. Also included are the other pens that are going to be used when it comes to the decorative elements. By placing them all into one location/tub you’re able to keep them all in one place. It also saves that ‘mmm what about this one’ if you’re colouring one at a time. You can see I have 2 stamped images... The one on the far left did not stamp out as I wanted it to (due to my inking up!). It will not go to waste! I can use this one to practice and to see how colours look and work together.
After I had finished colouring, I needed to colour outside of the image. If I had left it white, when it came to mounting up, it would just look strange on the gold mirror card. Don't just think about the inside of the stamped image, also think about the outside. How's it going to look when it’s placed onto another surface.
Now it’s time to decide on what margins are going to be needed. Using a ruler and the nearest line to the edge that was used to measure what the margin was. Using scissors the same margin was cut out. Or close to! Then this is a fab bit of kit. It does 2 sizes only - quarter inch and half inch but the corner computer gives you perfect corners, all you have to do is decided what size you want (here I opted for the half inch). Open the two metal flaps at the top, lay the card into the flaps that have guides and then squeeze the handles together. This works on quite thick card stock as well so don’t just think it’s for paper and light weight card. 
As I was going to mount the stamped/coloured image onto another surface, you always have to think about how the project you’re making is going to be used. As it’s a book marker/tag it’s going to be used a lot, fingers crossed, so the last thing you want is for the project to be returned or not used, as the focal part of the image has fallen off. So this tape is highly recommended if you’re after long term handling. You can also use the Stix2 Red Tape which again has strength. Tombow is a wonderful glue stick that has like the tapes mentioned strength. It can be used for a lot of projects, however this time I used the glue stick as a way of giving me some extra time in making sure I had the stamped image placed on the mirror card as I wanted it to. Mirror card is not cheap, so you have to make sure you get as much out of the sheet as you can. As you know us crafters save EVERYTHING we can.
After I had used the ruler to give me margin size and the trimmer to then cut along those lines, the corner cruncher was used at the base. Now I could have used the same at the top but I wanted something decorative. After all, this is the part that's going to be stuck up when the book is closed and on show. So armed with a Martha Stewart corner punch, I cut out the corners. Then using the ruler I measured where the centre point was and using the hole punch, I punched a hole out. This machine is wonderful, not only does it do 2 sizes of holes but also does the 2 sizes of eyelets.
This next step in the project is one that can be used over and over again - paper beads. They are not as hard to make as you might think. Okay the easy ones are the plain rolled ones which are cut into strips, for example take a sheet of A4 paper, place it into the trimmer with the longest side up against the top of the trimmer, decided what width you want half an inch is perfect for starters. A knitting needle will do the same thing all you need to do is have a little practice and take your time. In my tub there are papers cut to size as well as ones that have been cut using the HOTP Template Bead Maker. I have also made a SVG format version that I can email you if you requested. It’s still in the early steps of design but will work.
The original papers that I had were not the right colours, then I remembered that I have a collection of papers that have been handmade and have very decorative finishes on them. I tend to keep these to one side and they are only for those VERY, VERY Special occasions. All I wanted was 2 half inch strips from the selected papers.
The reason for the small ink pads is that in some cases, your paper has been printed on to white paper stock so that when you cut into the paper, you’re left with a white core - by keeping these small pads, I’m able to ink the edges. The gold glossy paper had a plastic layer on top, however the base was white so I just inked the sides so that when rolled together they looked as if it was a solid material and not white at each end.
As you can see here, the paper is rolled onto a round object. If you’re going to use a knitting needle remember that the needle size will be the hole in the centre, so have a play with different needles so you can see what works for what. A big thick chunky paper bead will have a larger hole where a smaller thinner bead would have a smaller hole. Look at your beads or if you’re out and about, just look at what kind of hole beads have - you don't have to rip them apart, just pull them open a little bit so you can see the threading. After the edge has been rolled on using a clear craft glue, lay down some glue right up to the end. Don't be heavy with the glue as when you’re rolling the paper, the glue will start to move with you and you’re going to end up with a great big blob of glue if you’re not careful.
Here after I have rolled the paper bead together and it’s dried, all I have done is just pressed each end of the bead into the ink pad to make sure there is no white core at the end.
The photo on the right show the finished beads on a wooden skewer waiting for the next step. By laying them out like this, you’re letting the bead dry and not get damaged. The next step is where the magic starts to happen.....
Using an embossing pad and Ultra Thick Crystals (Clear), roll each bead while still on the skewer ONE @ A TIME, then dip or using a spoon, pour the crystals over the beads. You could use fine embossing powder but to get the same effect you’re going to have to heat, dip, heat, dip quite a few times to get the depth of colour that you’re looking for. Always remember that you’re working with paper and the paper thickness will show at the end. So by using thick you’re able to make sure that the edge isn’t seen but hidden within the melted case surrounding the bead.

Ahh now then, a quick note. As I mentioned at the start of this segment, the gold paper was in fact plastic coated, so this time I did not emboss it. I just made sure that the edge was inked up so that it just faded into the background and not stick out. You could make a feature of the bead by putting lines down in a vertical stripe.
Securing two strips of ribbon in complementary colours, there are 4 strips in total, 6 beads. The combination of what you do is your options.
To protect the stamped image, I gave it a layer of Mod Podge. This medium also gives a glossy coat, so it would fit in with the mirror card that I used. One thing that did happen, was that it did react a little with the Ink that was used to stamp. So to lay the medium onto the project, use small brush strokes . It didn't spoil the project, it just gave it a slightly darker feel which I can live with, as the glitter pens I have used to colour some parts of the project, stood out even more. After  placing the beads onto the ribbons, all l did was knot it a few times, cut it quite close to the knots and place a few drops of clear crafting glue, so that the knots were secured.
I have not used this bit of crafting equipment for quite a while which is a shame as it’s in my opinion the BEST circle cutting tool out there in Crafting land. Perfect circles all the time and so easy to use, lefty or righty. I searched for a nice quote about reading on the interwebby and found a site that has wonderful quotes about almost anything. This was perfect, short, to the point and by someone we all have heard about. It also fitted nicely into a circle that fitted into my project. 

Using my spray booth (buy one if you can, they are so worth the cost which isn’t a lot!), I decided to use some inks sprays that were almost some of the first once I ever bought. If memory serves me correct, this was the set of 3 bottles. There were some splodges or big old blobs which always seem to happen to me with the last press of a bottle but it still fitted in with the scheme I was going for.
By using 2 different but complementary ink pads, I was able to blend the inks into the ink splatters.


A coat of - yep you have got it, Mod Podge would protect the embellishment against wear and tear, fingers crossed.


Some double sided foam pads were placed on the reverse and then the final thing was to secure into place on my book tag/marker.

There you have it, a perfect gift for a reader both new and old. You can adapt this style of project for say a Birthday card tag that has a ... well that’s for another How 2 Make. Enjoy making beads it’s something you can do almost anywhere as all you need is a few strips of paper, glue be that a tube or a Tombow stick and something to roll the paper round.
Enjoy and any questions please send me a message and I will do my best to help you out.



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