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Introduction to Watercolour Pencils by Alan Scott


This project is a new format for me. I have made a video that introduces you to the wonderful uses that watercolour pencils have and how they can save so much space and £££££$$$$$$£££££$$$$$ if you get my meaning.
The items used are available from That's Crafty! 

So then what have we used?
The shopping list for this is not a very big one and the items used are not just for this project but can be used for a wide range of projects that you may be thinking about starting.

 1. Set of Watercolour Pencils ~ Prang Watercolour Pencils 36 Pencils
 2. Kuretake Water Brushes ~ Large Tip ~ Broad Tip ~ Medium Tip
 3. Ranger Archival Ink ~ Jet Black  
 4. Tim Holtz Distress Ink ~ Stormy Sky 
 5. IndigoBlu ~ Poppy Meadow Stamp Set (a favourite of mine, so many uses!) 
 6. STIX2 Layer Perfect ~ Imperial or Metric 
 7. Craft Knife  
 8. Blending Mat  
 9. Ranger Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool 
10. Double Sided Foam Pads 
11. Tape Gun 
12. Scissors 
13. Ranger Surfaces Watercolor Paper + coloured card for mounting
14. I have used a Spellbinders metal die and the EBosser to cut the phrase out 

Right I think that’s all we need. Like I said at the start, a lot of the things used are staple items that can be bought over a period of time. I had my STIX2 layering rulers when they first came out. I’m so pleased that they are back on the market as there was a danger of them being lost. They will save you so much stress cutting that perfect margin.


I have added a few extra photos here that show you some of the things I did constructing the card.


Here are the tools that we are going to use (the colour pencils are not in shot as there was just too many of them to fit in as I’m a water colour pencil collector. I can’t walk past a set without buying them. I wonder if there is a self help group? As you can see, we constructed a scene using the stamps. This is what I really like about this stamp set. You can use the Poppy on it’s own, in a field like I did here (the stamping is so easy as well). There is a lot of 'dark' spaces at the base of the meadow stamp that you can stamp the flower stem into and it will not look odd.

This is where a blending mat comes into its own. The ink you place on the mat can be used so don’t just think that its the ink on the blending tool that is used. You will see what I mean after you have done your first edging using the mat, blender and your card. They are also so easy to clean up. With some it’s just a baby wipe. Others it’s water and a paper towel, so please read what the cleaning up process is as you can damage the surface so it will not work 100% as it should.

Here you can see how I have used the STIX2 ruler to measure where the cutting lines are. Once you have measured up, as there is a metal edge along the sides, yes metal on the outside as well as the inside, you’re able to cut with the straight edges. The side part ie the ends, are not metal covered so don’t go using your craft knife on those as you will damage them.
The rest of the construction is just a case of layering onto the base layer. Here I have used a soft blue card and then using the STIX2 to cut out the edges, I then with the aid of the tape gun, secured onto my white card. I did use an 8 inch square one but again with the help from the STIX2 I was able to cut it down to size. Then all I had to do was put some mounting foam on to the back of the smaller poppy and secure into place. Oh I forgot to mention... I was not too perfect with the cutting out of the poppy as it didn't matter if I left some white areas. Using the pencil, I just placed a line of, say green, on the outside of the stem and then with the water brush, just coloured the white out. Perfect job done!
There you are a simple card that was made using water colouring pencils - these are the forgotten crafting tool but are just perfect for journeys, crops, or if you’re just sat in front of the telly and want to do some colouring after you have stamped out your imagery.

Any questions please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



p.s. Oh and if there is anything else you would like to see demonstrated from That's Crafty.... LET US KNOW and we will see what we can arrange for the future.


  1. Gorgeous tutorial and wonderful card. I really like the poppies.

  2. Love the poppies..Nice card..I don't think we do enough coloring these days..


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