Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Waxy Wooden Box by Carol Fox




I had my Melt Pot out this week to have a play with some wax and UTEE to alter a small wooden box.


This is what I did


·       I lightly sanded my box to remove any rough edges.

·       I place my project pan in my melt pot and added wax, I replaced the lid and let it melt. I had my thermostat up at the highest point on my pot.

·       I cut up vintage book pages into small strips, and when the wax was melted I  put these in my project pan and swished them around until they were covered. I removed them one by one with tweezers, laid them on my box and burnished them down with a flat edged bone folder to expel all the wet wax from under them and stick them to the wooden surface, as the wax cools they will set onto the surface. Do this over the whole lid and sides of the box.




·       When the box is completely cool, edge the box with black acrylic paint, let this dry thoroughly and then gently buff the box with a soft cloth to give it a gentle sheen.

·       I let my Melt Pot cool enough so I could remove the project pan without burning myself, and then melted clear UTEE directly in the pot. Once it was melted I poured it into a mould to make a bookplate.

·       When the UTEE was set I popped it from the mould and coloured it with gilding wax and black acrylic paint.

·       I stamped the word Dream onto a piece of paper and encased this in the bookplate, sealing it with Glossy Accents.

·       I put brads through the holes and attached it to the lid of the box using Glossy Accents.

·       I finished the box with some ready made paper roses, that I spritzed with a pink shade of Glimmer Mist, sprinkled on clear embossing powder and heated. When they were cool I added some gilding wax to the petals.

·       I stuck these to the lid using Glossy Accents, adding a few old beads from a broken necklace.




I used 

A Small Wooden Box
Vintage Book Pages
Rubber Stamp (word)
Paper Roses/Flowers


  1. This is so beautiful, Carol! I love all things vintage, so really love this little piece of vintage art. Those pearls are exquisite!

  2. Love all your 'altered bits' and this is no exception. Brilliant.
    Corrie x


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