Friday, 13 December 2013

Say It With Flowers by Fliss Goodwin



Hi there, I have a card to share today that I made for my sister in law’s birthday and came about as I decided to try out the Stamping Gear Kit with some non-Inkadinkado stamps as an experiment to see if it could work. From the look on my sister in law’s face when she saw it, I think she liked the results! 


Here’s What You Need: 

Birthday Sentiment Stamp
Scraps of Blue and Mauve Card
Square Card Blank


Here’s How To: 

·       I chose the Crafty Individuals flowers as you need a stamp that will fit on the paddle supplied with the kit so it’s essential to pick one that isn’t too large. I picked a medium sized flower and placed this in the centre on the narrower end of the paddle.

·       I placed the round cog on the stamping card and checked the positioning with the uninked stamp before beginning the stamping. This bit is essential as you need to make sure that you have enough space around the stamped images for your chosen card blank size.

·       Then ink up the stamp with the purple and stamp around the cog in every other slot, re-inking before each stamping and making sure you hold the cog still as you go. To avoid contorting when you get to an awkward section, I recommend having the card on a craft mat so that you can twist the mat a little as you stamp around the cog – it’s much more comfortable!

·       Now you have a circle of flowers. I decided to go a step further and stamped round again with a smaller image of the same flower with the purple ink. I then added some on the inner ring by just stamping using a small acrylic block. This is why the ring of flowers isn’t quite perfect but I like it that way!

·       I painted the flowers with blue and mauve shades of Aquamarker on the larger flowers and golden yellow for contrast on the smaller images. I stamped the butterfly on a scrap of the smooth card and painted this to match then cut it out.

·       I stamped the sentiment in the centre of the floral ring with the purple ink then trimmed the panel to a square. I added the panel to a mat of blue card then mauve as these shades brought the colours out best. You’ll need to experiment if you add contrasting matting as it always surprises me how some colours can drain the colour from your floral panel and others enhance it. I tried quite a few combinations before I got it right!


I hope you like this and I’ll be back with more Stamping Gear inspiration soon on a much larger scale!


Have a great weekend,


Fliss x


  1. Fliss, of course she liked it as this card is so pretty.

  2. Of course your SIL loved it, Fliss- who wouldn't!? :-)


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