Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tando Advent Calendar by Carol Fox



This week I have put together one of the Tando Advent Calendar kits. I really enjoyed doing this.
What I did 

·       Colour the large piece with the circle shapes and the outer rim of the backing piece with green paint. Apply paint with Cut and Dry.

·       Apply Crackle Medium with a pallet knife and follow with Honeydew paint, applied with Cut and Dry when the Crackle Medium is dry.

·       While the paint is drying, paint all the shapes on the sheet.
·       Do the same with the numbers, but this time work in a pattern of 3 consecutive colours so there is a colour theme to bring the whole piece together.

·       Dry these with your heat gun, seal with Satin Glaze and pop out of the sheet and assemble any pieces that need it.
·       Seal the main piece, with Satin Glaze, dry with a heat gun.

·       Use a piece of Cut and Dry Foam and a tiny smidge of black paint and gently edge some of the calendar.

·       Lay out your papers and decided on the position of the images etc in the circles and centre of the calendar, do bear in mind where you numbers and embellishments will go and try and place any larger images with this in mind. Draw round the images you have chosen using the calendar holes as your template, also choose a piece of music paper for the centre. Cut these out and glue in place behind the holes. Glue the centre music piece in last.

·       Layer the front of the calendar with the holes in it over the back and glue in position.

·       Finish with some Treasure gold.

·       Arrange your numbers and embellishments and when happy glue down.

·       Layer the 2 largest discs on top of each other and paint, also paint the other 2 and the pointer.

·       Glue the stack of 2 into position, layer the smallest one onto the pointer, make a hole in the centre of this and the other disc, and hold in place with a long brad will so the pointer will move.

·       Glue the smaller discs and the pointer onto the others so the pointer will move to point to the days.
I used the following items 
Tando Advent Calendar Kit
Fresco Paints and Satin Glaze
Treasure Gold
Printed Papers
Long Brad
Cut and Dry (to apply paints and glaze)


  1. Just splendid, I looked at this but then did nothing further with the idea, yours is a great project


  2. This is gorgeous Carol and takes me back to my childhood although I can't remember an advent calendar half as good!
    Fliss xx

  3. Totally fabulous, Carol. Love the colours you chose.


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