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The Halloween Tube by Alan Scott

I thought that I would try something a little different this time for me. I have to hold my hand up and admit that this was not a planned journey of a project, I had an idea in my head and I had a empty tube. The result, is what you're about to see evolve.  

This project does rely upon the use of a electronic die cutting machine. However I know that there are lots of alternatives out there that can be used in place of where I used an electronic die cutting. It's the same with the paints - over the years we build up collections of things, so where I have used something I have directed you to an alternative on the site. This way like me, you can build up your collection of crafting goodies. So the links will direct you to the online store so that you're able to add items and now the web site has been RE-VAMPED!!!! you're able to form your own WISH LIST so you're able to add items for later when the budget for today is limited and you can pass your wish list to friends and family so that when birthdays etc. come along they know what to get you. 

Right then back to this project. The paints and in some cases where I used the die cuts, there are rub-ons available. One such has been added to my crafting collection but alas a little to late for this one but it's there for the future! 


Old Cardboard Tube
Cricut/Cameo Electronic Die Cutting Machine
Silver Card
Big and Juicy ~ Mountain Meadow Ink Pad
Scrolled Leafy Style Stamp ~ a good set is: Autumn Leaves Acrylic Stamps ~ Flourishes v.3
Stampendous Cling Rubber Stamp: Lacey Background Music Score
Collection of Bright Acrylic Paints A wonderful collection of True Colours that are at a nice price
Enamel Water Based Paints ~ Copper and Silver
Paint Pallet
Small Piece of Black Packing Foam
Black Indian Ink
Elastic Bands
Paper from an OLD Book
This would work spot on with this project: Tim Holtz Idea-olgy Rubs ~ Halloween Apothecary






The old tube that had been sitting in a cupboard filled with small jars of high end mustards. So the first thing to do is using a sanding block, just give the tube surface a 'key'. By doing this the next layer is able to adhere to it a lot easier. So using papers that had been ripped out from an old book and some découpage glue, the original surface was covered. When it was dry, a thin layer of watered down white gesso was used to act as a key for the next layer - orange paint.

For this I wanted to use a bright true orange coloured acrylic paint. The Eco-Craft range of paints is just perfect for this. To help the paint go further and also be wet that little bit longer, I used a glazing agent. This helps keep the true colour of the paint but enables you to move it around the project that bit more without drying out.

The finished orange tube ready now for what ever we want to throw at it!

Stencils PERFECT for laying down layers of interest in our projects. Select your acrylic paints - here I have gone for bright colours.


When using a small template that has several things on it and you don't want over spill, then by using those little sheets of glued papers you're able to mask off what you don't want to use. These are a lot better to use than masking tape. A lot of the masks now a days have a lot of small cuts in them. By using masking tape you might bend something out of place or worse still, rip something away.

This now where you just dive into your stamp box and use what ever you have. 

This stamp set is an oldie but a great one. The main stamp is a nice large background stamp! It's been a while since I dived into my box and have used this one, good quality stamps never let you down! One thing I did learn is that if I placed the stamp onto a flat surface and then just rolled the tube over it, it gave me a much better stamped impression.  
Again I dived into the box and pulled out a stamp from a set I have not used for a very long time. I'm not sure they even make this stamp any more, so I have left you a very good alternative if you're after a stamp like this one.
The photo on the right shows what the layers of stamping were beginning to look like.  
You don't just have to use dark coloured ink pads. By adding complementary colours you're able to add even more interest and details. Even the good old tried and trusted ink pads are brought into this project. I still can't understand why they are not making the Big and Juicy ink pads any more. They are still one of the best around and give such bright and vibrant stamping impressions from acrylic or rubber stamps.
Now it's time to start to build up what we are going to be using to make this a 3 dimensional project. By using my electronic die cutting machine, I first on silver paper, cut out some barbed wire. Using the silver card gave me my base. However, I wanted the barbed wire to be aged as if it had been outside in the rain for ages. By using an enamelled acrylic water proof paint, I was able to build up layers of the paint to give the aged effect.
Now the turn of the other elements. For this I used a black card stock as I was going to adhere these onto the tube its self, so there was no need for them to be coloured. This is where that rub on set from Tim Holtz would be just perfect!
To keep the spiders web on the card, I had to rely upon those very underrated crafting items.... the rubber band!
When it came to the spider, I wanted it to be in a position where it stood out and not just flat on the tube. I also didn't want to have to use dimensional tape as that just wouldn't look right. To give the spider more depth, I took some packing foam and then secured it onto the spider and with a sharp pair of scissors, then started to give the foam a more natural look. When I was happy with the dome, to give it a base for the next layer and to make the black uniformed, the best option was to use black gesso. Then while I still had the black gesso on my brush, I tipped just a little of the glue that was being used so that I could add the glue to the black, ready for when I sprinkled on some ultra fine glitter. This is the first time in over a year I have used Glitter, so do I have to arrange a party?!
The next part of this project was to protect all the items I had secured onto the surface (spider not included!). So using a wide brimmed brush and the decoupage glue, a layer of glue was dabbed on over the black die cuts.
Photographs of the tub after all the glue has dried and it's ready for the next stage of the project.
There was a extra item that I decided to cut out and that was this key and lock. It was going to be fixed at the top of the tube so that it looked as if the tube was in fact locked up and had to be opened.
The next step unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of at each step but it involves the use of acrylic paints and the glazing medium. This was a mix of the paints and then using the palette knife, I placed some at the top of the tube and allowed it to drip/run down the tube. 
The final job for the surface of the tube was to drip down some black Indian ink down over the paint runs. One thing I did notice that to help force dry the paint when a heat gun is used it does distress the paint causing the paint to bubble up and this is an added bonus when we are after a aged grunged look.
Close up photographs of the tub completed. You can see the barbed wire that's going around the tub. To secure them onto the tub, the best way is to use a hot glue gun. Please be extra careful while using this crafting tool, as it can burn if not used with care. The spider stands out from the base layer, this was also secured using the hot glue gun as was the lock and key. You can also see how the paint has combined and become an interesting layer
Any questions about this project please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Crafting

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