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Man with a Hat Tag by Alan Scott

This is a project involved using a set of stamps that I have been looking forward to getting my grubby mit's on. This follows on from the last project I posted, however this time it's more of a MALE themed one.

For a change, I stamped onto some cardboard that was used to pack something that I ordered - us crafter's never throw anything away that can be used! So much so, I also dived into the 'Scrap Paper' bucket to build up layers on the tag.

The stamp set is called Man About Town from Dylusions. As I normally do, if I have used a product that's not available @ That's Crafty then I have pointed you towards an alternative that is available. That way if you wanted to obtain something similar, then you're able to get almost the same results.


Some old packaging cardboard
StazOn Solvent Ink Pad: Jet Black ~ Timber Brown
Paper/card/ribbon from our Scrap's bucket/box/containers
Stencils - Here I have used Cell Theory Well Rounded
Prima Cling Mounted Stamp Set: Stitched Stamps (there is a stamp collection of 4 different designs. If you can afford them they are another super addition to your stamp collection)
Memento Ink PadLady Bug
Orange fruit netting
Set of small wooded handle type face stamps (This I think is the smallest type face in store)
Baby Wipes (cheap and cheerful ones)





The first thing we have to do after we have selected our tag is to dive into that 'scrap paper 'box and dig out some paper, card and ribbon to start making the base layer for our tag. 

Here are the final pieces ready for selection. I have already cut the paper/card to the widths I would like to use and the other fabric pieces are there just in case I want to use them. The larger lace piece is something I DO WANT to use!

Using the Tombow glue stick, I start to lay down layers, trying very hard not to be clinical about it but more free spirited. I do know that to some crafter's this will be like climbing Mount Everest! But trust me the more random you are the better the final tag will look.  

The photo on the right show my tag. As you're able to see, it's not clean cut so to speak but I do hope that I have been able to place my 'off cut's' in a random way. The next step will now have you thinking..... 

'So why did Alan tell us to be random and not clinical when we are going to be doing THAT!'

Using a white Gesso it's now time to make our base layer ready to take a paint. Okay we can paint right on top of the card and the lace etc. However the reason that we use a product like Gesso is because it helps us get a true colour, as well as helping us have a surface that will take the paint. Lace and paper are two different materials, so by using gesso we are now giving all our materials used a level playing field.

This is how my tag looked after I had used the Gesso. There is nothing stopping you from using a baby wipe to help with the different depths of Gesso.

Now then, after the Gesso has dried we have to get it wet again! Only this time we are putting some water down, so that when we add paint from the tube, we are able to mix it around so then the paints combine and don't become a 'mucky' mess.

These are the Acrylic paints that I have decided to use for the background part two. I have kept it to 3 different colours that will work together. They are also a masculine feel about the colours, as well as being Autumnal as well. 

The photo on the right shows the tag after the acrylic paints had been moved around the tag. Once again, there is nothing in the Good Old Crafting Project Book that says you can't use Baby Wipes when you're laying down colour. They are one of the most important items we should have, not only for cleaning up but for helping in the depth of colour. Plus if you go back to a previous posting, I showed you how to make flowers from dry baby wipes that had been used to help with the laying down of colour.

Now then, I have to hold up my hand and say that this is the first time I have ever used this product. I saw it on a video about 18 months ago and as you do, ordered it and by the time it arrived I had moved onto 15 projects further on. So it was placed on the crafting shelf and to my horror forgotten about (I have slapped the back of my leg for doing this awful thing!). 

Anyway I could say that the tag came about because I wanted to use this GooseBumps, however it was while I was searching for something else that I came across it again. So after I had made myself a cuppa, I logged on to YouTube so that I could refresh my very crowded brain on how and what it did.

This is one of my fav stencils. It's a wonderful stencil that's open to so many projects. It's so random it takes away that feeling Oh are they same? It's wonderful there are not many stencils I would say are a MUST have but this one will work with anything.

Now then it's time to start building  up layers and colour. The first is to take a pad and just rub the pad across the tag. As GooseBumps is a glossy surface, you can wipe the ink layer off them. The photo on the right show how it looks before the ink is wiped away.

The photo on the left shows after the ink is removed. Using the white pen, I coloured the stamp rather than using an ink pad.
I used a Glitz Design Roller Doodle stamp (you’re able to remove the 'head' and make it change direction rather than pushing and pulling). As you can see, I have also used some gold. This was done using an Antique gold acrylic paint and the Crafter's Workshop 'Well Rounded' Stencil.


Now let's start to build up the figure. I wanted to do something different, so that's why I decided to use some old packaging as the base to stamp onto. Also with using a StazOn ink pad, this will give me a great impression.


Using a collection of Distress Markers and a water brush, I started to lay down some colour. As you can see, the colours are very muted and they have an 'aged' feel about them. Then as I like to do, I took a light grey coloured pen and just went round the edge. This would help the final look after I had cut it out. I don't like having to cut along a line. I always make a slip up, no matter how slow and careful I go, so this saves me all the pain and aggravation!


I wanted to add something else to the tag and not just have the figure and a hat. So I decided to dive into a old friend when it comes to stamping. If in doubt, grab a Dylusions edge stamp - works almost all the time. They are also very good for covering up those small mistakes!

This time I opted to use the Timber Brown StazOn Ink Pad, stamping on some good stamping card. Once again I dipped into the Distress Marker Pens, this time I have opted to keep it to the 'browner' side of the colour spectrum.


After I had finished colouring in the flags, to cut them out I opted to use a sharp craft knife. If I had used a pair of scissors for the main flags, it would make the card fold and distort and I did on this occasion, want the flags to be flat. Scissors were used to cut the straight line that I had made at the top of the flags. To secure into place, I used some double sided foam pads and some strong clear acrylic craft glue.

Now then this is where the fun starts. I was using this netting when l was playing with my Gelli Plate and I thought it would be just a great addition to the tag. So using double sided tape, it will hold the fine netting in place.


After the net had been secured at the back this how the front looked.


The next thing was to place the same foam double sided tape onto the reverse side of the figure - not forgetting the hat!


I found these stamps in a bargain bucket at some craft show/store. Well as they were only £1, I decided to dive in and I came across just 3 sets. They are perfect for those smaller jobs that need small wording on them. So never pass a barging bin unless you have first been to the bottom of that bin.

To keep it in the same colour family, I opted to use an Espresso Ink Pad, on a small piece of white stamping card. 

Using an ink blending tool and Vintage Photo Ink pad, the wording was coloured in. After the blending tool had done its job, the next step was to cut the word out and then  rubbing the edge along the ink pad, it framed the wording.

The final part of this project was to secure the wording onto the tag. So using the clear strong acrylic glue and a pair of tweezers the wording was given its rightful place.

Hope you all enjoyed this project. It was one that evolved as I was making it. I enjoy those kind of things when you can just open the crafting arms and welcome everything in.

Any questions please send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.



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  1. love the mixed media background Alan. I cant imagine the amount of stash you have!


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