Monday, 30 September 2013

One Stencil - Three Faces by Deborah



I’m a big fan of Pam Carriker so am thrilled that That’s Crafty! sells a selection of her stencils. I chose her Journal Prompt: Face (a 4” x 4” stencil) as the framework for creating different faces. It’s useful if, like me, you’re not too good at getting the placement of the features in the right place when drawing faces (we have far more forehead than we think!).


I used beer mats for my faces because that’s what I had to hand but you could use anything that will take paint. I had already rubbed the Archival ink pads over the surface because I was planning to try some chalkboard effects which are so on trend right now but had never got round to it.




The background is Cobalt Archival ink but you could use paint. I drew through the stencil with a white watercolour pencil for placement and then used my finger to smoosh the Picket Fence paint over the face and neck area, extending into spiky hair. I patted the paint with paper towel and dabbed the excess around the face area.
Once that was dry I went over the hair with Blood Orange and replaced the stencil to redraw the features in black watercolour pencil. I used green watercolour pencil to shade the face, colouring the lips red and the eyes blue. I stamped the stars (without an acrylic block) in Watering Can and rubbed some green oil pastel round the edges of the coaster.



This was my first face and, to be honest, it didn’t turn out as I would like it – I rather messed up the features being heavy-handed with the black water colour pencil. The base was actually inked with Watering Can, although you wouldn’t know it once I’d gone over it with paint and pastel.
Once I had drawn through the stencil in black pencil and drawn in some hair, I coloured in the whole head with watered down Picket Fence Distress Paint so that the features still showed through. I went over the face with watered down Spun Sugar and various pencils and pastels.
The hair is an homage to Pam Carriker – she often paints what might be an elaborate bun or plait - or maybe roses - on one side of the face. I painted it with Irish Cream and when it was dry went over the top with watercolour pencils in various shades of brown.
I added Blood Orange paint and a yellowy-brown pastel to the background, then stamped the dots and flower heads (which are quite faint) in Grape Jelly. I went over the dots and the whites of her eyes with a Picket Fence Distress Marker.

Prince Charming


Pam Carriker often draws clowns with big round cheeks so I drew my prince in that style, using South Pacific paint through the stencil and for the hair. As the base of the beer mat was inked in Red Geranium I went over the face with the Picket Fence marker before colouring with oil pastels.



  1. really like that face stencil and I love what you've done using it.

  2. These are fabulous - I love the stencil.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Totally cool Deb, love them all, that stencil is a must have!!

  4. What stands out is that when you look at the altered coasters it doesn't look as though you used a stencil at all, it looks as though you created the faces freehand.

  5. Three great coasters and all so different despite using the same stencil. I think the bottom one is my favourite - so vibrant and full of character.

  6. Three completely different characters from the one stencil - what an inspiring post.
    Alison x


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