Thursday, 5 September 2013

Melt Pot Magic by Carol Fox


This week I have been playing with my melt pot and UTEE to make some pendants using Memory Frames. I have made the three that are shown in the main photo, so I have done a write up for each of them under the relevant photo’s.


Collaged Memory Frame

Cut your collage to fit inside your memory frame, I added my words using a glue stick, do not use a wet glue like Glossy Accents as this will bubble and give you lots of air bubbles that you will not be able to get rid of. Place this inside your frame, position your metal embellishment as shown and pour melted UTEE into the frame. Leave until it is cold before moving.


Alice In Wonderland Frame

Cut a piece of text as before to fit your frame and put it into position. Cut the hanging loop from a clock charm and fit this into the frame, add beads or something similar to the recess and position a charm like I have the rabbit one  onto the outside rim. Carefully pour melted UTEE into the frame, drizzling it carefully around the charms so they are encased in the UTEE. Let it cool before moving.



Swooping Bird Frame

I used a large reclaimed clock spring for this as it just fits into the recess of the memory frame. I added a sprocket gear and game spinner to the outer rim and finished the bottom with a bird charm. This has no back so it has to be on a craft mat when you pour your UTEE into it. Once it has cooled, your items will be encased in the Clear UTEE and the frame will still be see-through.

Further melt pot ideas can be found on my DVD Mixed Media Workshop that is available to purchase in the Shop.


I used

Clock Charm
Thank you for your visit today,
Carol x


  1. Three very gorgeous pendants !!! Thank you for sharing. Coco x

  2. These are all just fabulous Carol and you make it look so easy too!

  3. These are so stunning... definitely inspiring me to get out the Ice Resin (in the absence of a meltpot!)
    Alison x


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