Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Golden Scroll by Alan Scott


This project was all about speed rather than a project that was built up over a period of days. This one I completed in a morning. The focal point was an image from Lost Coast Designs called Oriental Doll.
I have also been watching a few programs on the Discovery Channel which no doubt inspired me in some way.


White Tissue Paper (just larger than the original stamp)
Card Candi's (gold and a black with gold text)
Set of Wooden Rubber Tipped Font Stamps
Black Foam Mounting Foam





Take the small canvas and cover it with a layer of black Gesso. You can use black paint if you're not able to put your hands on some Gesso. I used gesso as it's a lot easier to use other mediums on top of it. Place to one side to dry.

On a lot of tissue paper, there is a slightly smoother side than the other. I used the smoothest side to make the stamp impression, using the Brilliance Ink Pad (after testing several inks, I found this the sharpest black impression).

One thing about stamping on tissue paper that I have found, is that the stamping ink can go right through the tissue paper and leak some of the ink on the surface you're stamping one. So use a glass mat or a surface that you can clean. After you have made the impression, lift up the tissue paper and just check that you don't have any left behind. I say this as the first time I stamped, I ended up with a double image as I just moved it slightly and it caused a shadow image. Lesson learnt for future.

After the ink has dried, the next step is to flip the tissue paper over and then lay a double thick layer of the Aged Gold acrylic paint.
The reversed side of the painted side. Using a heat gun and a low setting, the tissue paper was dried.
Using the gold gilding cream and a finger, start to build up a layer of colour on the edges and sides.
Next step is to secure the stamped and painted tissue paper onto the canvas. Firstly by ripping the tissue paper and removing the waste, so you're left with a 'distressed' image. Then using a Matte medium like Mod Podge, adhere the tissue paper onto the canvas. This kind of medium not only glues but also seals the material being glued into place.
After the tissue paper has been glued, place aside to dry and let the Mod Podge set.

Add further decoration using the good old crafting stand by's - Card Candi
and Cosmic Shimmer Gold PVA glue.
Using a set of wooden rubber tipped stamps, the title of the project was stamped out and then coloured again by using the same paint that the reverse side of the tissue paper was painted with.
Black mounted foam tape was used to secure the text onto the project. Black was picked so that it blended into the black of the project.

There you have it, an easy project that was for me a quickie and I didn't spend several days waiting for layers of paint and other mediums to dry. Any questions, please send me a message and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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