Thursday, 27 June 2013

Simply Alice by Carol Fox



Hi and welcome to Thursday. 

I have a very simple little make for you this week, can it be called a make - it’s really just stamping and painting lol. 

I brought a few of these little readymade note pads from Paper Chase a while ago as I wanted to stamp some little books to give as gifts. I found these two left in a draw and when I got the Alice set of stamps by Oxford impressions, I realised the images were just a nice size for the covers, so I dug them out and here they are.

I must admit when I have been very busy, I do like to do something very simple like this, as it involves no brain power and you don’t have a ton of mess to clear up afterwards.


I simply did this 

Stamp your image in black Archival ink and heat set. I dotted a very small spot of Fresco Paint on my craft mat in my chosen colours, then using a water colour brush, picked up the colour and painted the images. You do have to be careful with the water flow, if it is too fast it can wet the card too much and make it go “fluffy” but I have found the best way to avoid this, is to keep a piece of kitchen roll handy that I blot my brush on during use, also handy to clean your brush between colour changes. I do especially like the look you get with the white paint on the Rabbit.


I used 

2 purchased pads
PaperArtsy Fresco Paints: Snowflake, Sky, Haystack, London Bus, Chocolate Pudding


  1. They make beautiful gifts, Fliss, and I like the simplicity of them. Sometimes the temptation with all this craft stuff is to get unnecessarily complicated or clever. Simplciity is good.

    1. Oops sorry Carol, got my days mixed up. Names apart, everything else still stands.

  2. Simple - but so effective! Beautiful painting of the images.
    Alison x

  3. What a cute idea..I assume you only did the covers :)

    1. yes just the covers, the inside are lined pages for notes. x


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