Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Fish Banner by Alan Scott


When I opened up the packet that this set of stamps arrived in, I knew what I wanted to do with it. It was screaming out to be used in a project that was inspired by a program that I'm watching at the moment called 'Game Of Thrones'. 

The stamp came from a set of stamps designed by Lynne Perrella ref LPC024 for PaperArtsy.


Selection of Alcohol Pens such as ProMarkers - Spectrum Noir
2 Crafting Jewels
I have used a small wooden block to act as base. Folded card/small box constructed from card would do the same
IndigoBlu Stamp Cleaner and 'Baby' Buds


Now then, firstly I have to say sorry for the state of the photos. For some reason my camera didn't quite pick up the normal sharpness in some of them used here. However I hope that you will be able to get a feel of what I was doing.

As we are going to be stamping onto a plastic surface, the only tips I can give you are: try to stamp over your image so that you can look over the surface. Then try to pull the stamp and block from the plastic in a way that will not smudge the stamped image. I suggest that if you have never stamped onto a non porous surface, then experiment on some older plastic until you feel comfortable and able to make a clean sharp image. 

Don't worry if you over-ink some of the stamp with the ink and it is then transferred onto the plastic. By using cotton wool buds and some stamp cleaner such as the IndigoBlu cleaner, you're able to use the bud as an eraser and then remove the stamped image that's not needed.


After you have cleaned up the stamped image, this leaves you with the image that you want. Place to one side so that the ink will 'cure'. By this I mean that the ink will dry out and then become more stable so that it can be touched.


The next part of the project is to stamp out the image again however this time we are not interested in the fish banner just the face and body.

By using the Adirondack ink you're able to use Alcohol pens to colour in your stamped image. The good part about this is, that this type of pen can also be used to colour in your other stamped out image that we did on plastic.
Make sure you colour the reverse side of the stamped image. When colouring the image, I found some pens cover better than others. If this happens to you, then just 'dab' over the selected area. This will take a bit longer but it will flood the area. Allow the alcohol to evaporate before you put more colour into that area.
When you have finished colouring in the stamped images, the next thing to do is to remove all the unwanted white card. Use sharp tipped scissors and a new blade craft knife to get into all those hard to reach areas.
Using the Glitter pens, the next thing to do is start to build up layers of colour. By matching the glitter to the colour of the alcohol pen used, it will give you a deep colour with glitter highlights.
I wanted to separate the face from the rest of the stamped image. So by using a glossy medium, this enabled me to separate the two. It also gave depth to the clothing to bring it forward. The glossy medium is a thick medium, so by using a brush, I was able to build up the depth by allowing the previous one to dry and then add another layer.
After I had cut the stamped image out, the next thing I had to do was to add some detail to the banner and to make it match the colours that I had used when colouring in. Small plastic beads were used. These are very handy as they come in all sizes, so I was able to match up the base and top element.
The plastic is quite heavy so a good strong glue is needed. Then place flat so that the glue can set. This will then hold the plastic onto the card.

On this occasion, I decided to use a small wooden block as my method of making this project stand up. I could have used card folded back or a small box made from card - the option is yours. I only chose this option as I did not have the time needed to make a box. I used an acrylic gold paint to colour in the block, making it appear to be part of the 3D project.

The same glue was used to secure the wooden block to the printed image, that I used to secure the plastic banner to the card.

There you have it, a project that could be placed onto a card front, however there is nothing stopping you from making it a stand alone project.




  1. A fabulously colorful and quirky creation Alan. Love it!
    Fliss x


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