Thursday, 9 May 2013

Peacock Memory Frame by Carol Fox



This week I have used a Memory Frame and a Texture Tread to make a peacock themed decoration.




·       Lay your Memory Frame on to the Texture Tread.

·       Melt your UTEE  in your melt pot.

·       Pour the melted UTEE into the Memory Frame, leave this to cool completely before you remove it from the Texture Tread.

·       When the UTEE is completely cool it will be slightly loose in the Memory Frame, carefully remove it from the frame and colour with some gilding wax.

·       Wrap wire around the UTEE and put it back into the Memory Frame.

·       I coloured my metal peacock with gilding wax and used a strong glue to attach it to the UTEE.


I used: 



Carol x


  1. Gorgeous Carol. Must try this. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. This looks great! Must, like Jenny give this a go!! Trace x hugs x

  3. Just stunning Carol. Amazing texture and the colours are fabulous.
    Fliss xx

  4. Wow Carol! I love your peacock memory frame. Just need to get a peacock charm & I can make this myself. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A wonderful piece. I love the wrapped wire.

  6. Wow, this is completely amazing... the texture tread piece looks so cool inside the memory frame, and that peacock is to die for! You're going to tempt me into a Melting Pot at this rate!
    Alison x


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