Monday, 20 May 2013

Love Nest Hanging by Deborah



Eco Green Paints: Pistachio, Waterfall
Fresco Finish Crackle Glaze
Fresco Finish Paint: South Pacific
Raw Umber Acrylic Paint (alternatively use Fresco Finish: Chocolate Pudding
or Eco Green: Mulch)
Distress Stain: Walnut Stain
Creative Expressions Gilding Wax: Golden Light

Wooden Heart Frame
Paper Covered Florists Wire
Model Makers Greenery


From a discount shop I bought a cheap wooden photo hanger made up of three unpainted heart shaped frames joined together by thick white rope - and pulled it apart.
First I painted it all over with some raw umber acrylic paint I had in my stash (don’t worry about brush marks) then dried it with a heat gun. Using an old store card, I scraped a thin layer of the crackle glaze over the top – you can also dry this with a heat gun. I added a top coat of pistachio and waited for the cracks.
Now I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t use Fresco Finish paints, or that I got in a bit too close and fierce with the heat gun, but the crackle didn’t seem to happen. I’ve used it before so am not blaming the crackle. I suspect it may be because I painted the green with a brush that had been sitting in water so it was too watery to crack. Anyway, undaunted, I simply sanded quite forcefully over the paint and ended up with a finish I really like. I added just a smidge of gilding wax round the aperture for a little extra definition.
I painted the little wooded square that holds the photo and glass in place with the Waterfall, crackle glaze and Fresco Finish South Pacific (one of the more transparent colours). This time I definitely went in too close with the heat gun but I just sanded this too.
I stamped the largest egg from the Stampendous set on some off-white packaging. The egg comes in two parts: the solid base and the speckles so I chose three colours plus Versafine Onyx Black. Once I had cut them out, I coloured the white edges with the chisel end of a black ProMarker.
For the nest itself, I used gel medium to stick down the greenery. I found it in an art shop years ago and I think it’s used by model train enthusiasts when they are making the landscapes for the trains to go through. Shredded paper might work, or even tiny twigs, or string....
Once it was in place, I attached the eggs with some double sided foam tape for dimension.
To finish, I coloured some paper covered florists wire (try The Works, if there’s one near you) with Walnut Stain Distress Stain, wound it round a pencil and threaded it through the heavy duty staples on the back of the frame that had held the rope firm.
I toyed with adding something else to the frame but decided to quit while I was ahead.


  1. Fab project Deb loving that green paint.... its certainly a very dramatic splash of colour.

  2. Great shabby distressed finish, whether it was what you were originally aiming for or not!


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