Thursday, 4 April 2013

UTEE Flowers by Carol Fox


I have some fun little flowers to share with you this week. I love my melt pot, I think it is the one bit of kit that I would really hate to be without and I love to experiment and try out new things with it. 

I made these flowers by bending wire to shape and then dipping them into melted UTEE in my melt pot. I have used very thin wire for these particular ones as I wanted tiny delicate little flowers.  

This works just as well with a heavier gauge wire for your flowers, just use whatever wire you have to hand. I personally find that it works best if you slide them out of the UTEE once dipped as opposed to lifting them out, as with larger flowers the melted UTEE will sometimes not hold the shape if lifted out to fast, they tend to “pop” 

Anyway off track here. Once my UTEE was cold I painted them very carefully with Fresco Paint. I applied this with a bit of cut and dry foam, and once dry I added Stickles to the petals.

I did the same thing to make separate leaves that I twisted together to make small bunches once the stickles were dry. 

I have made a lot of these over time and used lots of mediums to finish them. The look lovely spritzed over the paint with a Glimmer Mist or similar, infact I think the possibilities are endless. And they make lovely embellishments to add to your projects. 

I have used the Metallic UTEE’s in the past to make them and these look great on steampunk  items.

If you do have a go at these it would be great if you shared them on the shops Facebook wall so I could see them.


I used 


Have fun,

Carol x


  1. i love these, would love to have a go as well. I don't have a melt pot though :-(

  2. Totally gorgeous... thanks so much for the detailed how-to steps though, like Mandy, it'll have to wait until I have a Melt Pot (hello birthday soon!)...
    Alison x

  3. They are beautiful...must dig out the melt pot!!


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