Sunday, 10 March 2013

Soul of the Rose - A Gift Idea by Lynne Moncrieff

For this week’s post, I wanted something in mark contrast to my Vintage Circus Altered Ribbon Spool from last Sunday. Today’s project is a no-sew lavender sachet, for which Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Back Canvas is perfect.

I will start with the supply list:-



I found that I saved on any possible waste of the Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas by taking the time to measure first. Marking the measurements on the back of the canvas, I measured the width and depth of the stamp. Once I had this measurement, I made allowance for a reasonable size border for the lace and then I doubled the width measurement. Cutting the Sticky Back Canvas with a craft knife, I then folded the canvas in half, gently creasing the fold. In front of me at this stage, is a piece of folded Sticky Back Canvas which is slightly larger than the stamp.  Leaving this to one side for the moment, I moved onto stamping.


I cut a piece of Lesley Riley’s Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) slightly larger than the stamp. Inking the Oxford Impressions’ Soul of the Rose stamp with Archival Jet Black, using a Speedball Brayer, I stamped onto the piece of TAP. I then cut away any excess TAP around the stamped image. At this stage, I applied colour using watersoluble crayons and a fine watercolour brush, leaving it to dry for a few moments before transferring to the Sticky Back Canvas.  I followed the manufacturer’s instructions for transferring to fabric.I prefer adding the lace at this stage, when the Sticky Back Canvas can be laid flat to ensure the lace adheres well.


Removing the Sticky Back Canvas backing paper, I glued a piece of lace to form a hanging loop, leaving it a few minutes to dry, then carefully I adhered the bottom and side edges of the canvas but not the top edge, before generously filling the pouch with lavender. Once filled, I glued the top edge close.  Finally I embellished the completed lavender sachet with a bow tied from seam binding.

If you are new to TAP then it is worth pointing out that if your stamp has text/numbers then this will be transferred in reverse onto your chosen surface so keep this in mind.


  1. Such a beautiful image Lynne. Have added TAP to my wish list.

    This is such a lovely gift.

    Thanks for sharing the How To

    Annie x

  2. What a brilliant idea to use sticky back canvas, Lynne. Such a beautiful lavender sachet too.

  3. How beautiful! Love that you used it for a lavender sachet, the image is gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration, I will now get my TAP out and play..... Anne x

  4. Just gorgeous Lynne. So pretty and the canvas is an inspired idea.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  5. A lovely gift idea Lynne, it's beautiful! xxx

  6. What a gorgeous gift this will make... and for those of us terrified of all things sewing, it's so inspirational to see what can be done without! Thanks so much for all the detailed how-to information.
    Alison x

  7. So beautiful and it's practical too. Wonderful instructions too.

  8. A lovely, lacey piece--really gorgeous, Lynne!


  9. stunning and oh so lovely
    I can almost smell the Lavender from here ;)
    thank you for sharing and inspiring always!


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