Saturday, 9 March 2013

Echoes Canvas by Laura

Materials Used:


·       First I covered the canvas in a layer of black Gesso using a foam brush.  

·       When this was dry, I placed the template on the canvas and held it in place with the removable tape. 

·       I then rubbed over the template with embossing ink. I removed the template and covered the embossing ink with JudiKins Sticky Stuff and heated with a heat gun.
·       When the Sticky Stuff had melted, I added the gliding flakes, pressing them down firmly with my hand.
·       I waited until the gilding flakes had cooled down and then I rubbed them with the detailing foam tool that comes free with the gliding flakes, to remove the excess flakes.



  1. So elegant and stylish. Really pleased you are stocking the PA canvases.

  2. Gorgeous canvas that would look so elegant in any home.

  3. A really gorgeous textural creation Laura in such striking colours.
    I too am glad to see those canvasses.
    Fliss x


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