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Dressed for a Night Out by Alan Scott

Once again (and l will never apologise for re-visiting), I have dipped into the crafting box and used stamps from the Dylusions range of stamps designed by Dyan Reaveley. This time I have chosen Curious Corrin and Right Up Your Street. This project also has an idea for those things we use and then throw away.

Materials Used:

White Neenah Stamping Paper
Scrap paper for Mask Stamping
Black Soot Distress Ink Pad
Collection of ProMarker Pens Thin Black Waterproof Pen
8" Square Constructed Card Base
Gelli Plate (available from That’s Crafty! in April)
Selection of Crafters Workshop Templates
Selection of Eco Green Acrylic Paints
Heavy Weight Paper (approx 200gsm)
Baby Wipes
Good Strong Clear Glue
Metal Knitting Needle
Heat Gun
Glossy Accents
A5 Gold Colour in Shade Paper
Flower Shape Spellbinders Dies
Spellbinders Leaves Dies (don't worry if you don't you can cut out a cardboard shape and use that as a template)

Lets Make Something

Once again I have where possible taken a photo to help you see what I'm doing.

I have not taken photographs while I was using the Gelli Plate. For details about this wonderful crafting tool, I can recommend that you type in Gelli Plate in YouTube and just watch. YOU WILL WANT ONE!!. The days of not having a backing paper will soon be a thing of the past. So I'm going to take up this project from having 'printed' my backing paper and placed it onto my blank 8" square card base.......



First thing to do is take a sheet of cheap white paper and then stamp out an impression ready to be cut out and used as your mask for your built up image. Using the cut out i started to look at what imagery l can use behind the fore ground image. i like to do this as it saves a lot of time later on when you may make an impression and then your forced to work with a 2nd choice.

I don't think there are a lot of us that are perfect stampers, so I use the Fiskars Easy Stamp Press which helps me position while I am physically stamping right up to that moment where the stamp hits the paper. If you enlarge this photograph, you will be able to see that with the aid of a very fine nibbed black waterproof pen, I have been able to fill in the area's that I was not able to match up with the stamping. 
On projects where I am going to be using ProMarkers, I like to use Neenah card as it takes the alcohol ink very well and does not bleed. I also like to record what colours I have used just in-case i 'have missed a bit'. As you can see, I used the mask I made to over stamp the buildings at the back. This gives the image something interesting and it's not just a single object. 

Glossy Accents on the boots and the collar on the dress, finish off the colour construction of the stamped image. A pair of sharp tipped scissors were used to cut out a border around the image. This time I left a larger border, as I normally get as close as I can.

As the background paper was orange in colour, I picked gold to back my image onto. I wanted a backing paper, as this would help ground the image and it did not look as if it had been glued onto the card without any thought or planning. This was again cut out leaving approx. the same border as I had with the white card.

Now then the next part of this project, I like to think is my own idea, as I have not come across it over the 3 years of crafting watching on You Tube where if it was going to happen it would have. If this is not the case, then I humbly apologise.
Above is a selection of the baby wipes that had been used and then placed into a box to dry out. As you can see, they collect the colours that are used. In a lot of cases the colour can be quite intense and also the depths of colour can vary even on this small square.
Using a flower shaped metal die, I cut out 9 sheets of baby wipes - 3 flowers and 3 baby wipes per flower. There was also thankfully, a green sheet that could be cut into leaves. Now then if you don't have a flower shaped die or die cutting machine, then just take some cardboard and draw a flower head. Keep it quite geometric and simple in shape.
Take 3 of the flowers and crumple them together, so that you have a 'point' in the centre of all the flowers.
This will then give you something like this. As it has paint soaked up into the construction of the baby wipe it will be a little stiff in parts and will hold its shape quite well.

Using a metal pin or knitting needle (DO NOT USE A PLASTIC KNITTING NEEDLE!), place it at the base so that when the next stage happens it will not blow away. The next step was impossible for me to photograph, as I was using a heat gun. This was on high setting and I was aiming the heat at the edges of the baby wipe. As this happens, the baby wipe will start to fold into itself, just like when you use shrink plastic.

When I was happy with the shape and how much the baby wipe had shrunk and formed a flower shape, I opened it up and placed the metal knitting needle into the centre and once again using the heat gun, I started to form a flower shape - as you can see the shape has shrunk and become deformed and 'crumpled'. The photo on the right, shows you how much after heating the surface area has shrunk. If you look closely, you can see what I mentioned on how different levels of colour can be transferred onto the baby wipe.
To make the leaves i placed them together and then using the metal rod right down the middle i took the heat gun and started to create leaf shapes. The picture on the right shows the finished leaf shapes. Once again you can see how the different levels of colour have been transferred. This makes the leaves have an interesting look and something that would be quite hard to repeat using inks and paper. Once again I have to stress, please use a metal needle and please do not hold the flower shape while using the heat gun, as it gets very hot.

All that's left to do is to construct our finished project. To secure the flowers onto the card, I used a good strong clear glue and 3 complementary buttons were secured into the middle.

I apologise again if I'm claiming as mine something that has been around for years. Maybe it's been done before but i can't say with hand on heart, that I have ever seen it during my years of being a crafting You Tube'er.

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  1. Wow! A stunner Alan. Love the warm colours and thanks for the fab tutorial on those gorgeous flowers.
    Fliss x


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