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Fairies are The Keepers of the Forest! by Alan Scott

Over the past few weeks, I have been having a sort out. Like us all, I think we buy things then use them the once or twice maybe and then put them away and move onto the next new stamp set. I wanted to do a project where I re-visited some old stamps and did something new with them, so I went back to some Prickley Pear stamps called: 50’s Bodice, Lady Bodice, Asian Bodice and Celestial Bodice. I also dived into my Dylusions stamps sets. I have taken elements from several of the collections, just to show how well they work together. For this project I used: Doolally Dorris - Love Struck Lucy - Tallulah Tripp and How Does Your Garden Grow.
12" x 12" Cheap Canvas Board + Gesso + Butterfly Napkin (optional - see below)
Selection of  Crafters Workshop 12" Templates (Add to your collection as you can. They are tool that can be used in every project)
Archival Ink Jet Black (waterproof ink pad)
Collection of Watercolour Marker Pens - AquaMarkers/Tim Holtz Distress Markers
If you're using Alcohol Ink Pens ProMarkers/Spectrum Noir to colour then use a Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad 
Silver Border Peel Off (I know we have used a peel off! whatever next?)
Good pair of sharp tipped scissors
Craft Knife with a new blade (Be xtra careful when using this)
Craft Mat - Cutting Mat - Heat Gun - Baby Wipes - Mister/Spray Bottle (filled with water)Tweezers - Selection of Royal and Langnickel Brushes
Black waterproof Marker Pen
Post-it Notes
Good White Stamping Paper/Card
Mod Podge - Matte
Selection of acrylic based paint mediums - I have used Claudine Hellmuth Paints here. However, I have just bought some PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints, so will show you how they look in the coming projects later next month
Selection of Distress Inks plus a Blending Tool 

Just a quick word first...
I understand that you may not have every item that I use when making my projects. That's why I have not said use this template or that colour. I don't want to make fellow crafters feel they can't do this kind of project because they don't have this colour or that template. 
Alot of the 12in Crafters' Workshop templates are on offer @ That's Crafty and I have snapped up a few and added them to my template stash while this great offer is on.
Now then, let's make a project. We have to, as in all our projects, break it into sections so that we are not hanging around but getting involved in the work.
Part 1: Prep work the canvas. As we are going to be using acrylics, then we have to put a layer of Gesso onto our canvas to help with the movement and depth of colour that they are going to give us.
Part 2: Prep work stamping out our imagery so that we can build up the story. We are going to have to do some masking here. The main body's are the bodies stamps and then using the post-its, we use the other elements from the various Dylusions stamp sets. Don't worry about getting it 100% spot on. That's why we have the black waterproof pen (0.5 size), so that we can join up and correct any small misplacements. I also used the pen to add some simple arm - nothing special and there was no real definition and the hands were just circles. If you're not comfortable just getting on and doing this, then use a pencil and lightly draw the lines. You can always take a eraser to these lines after you have drawn them in. After they have been constructed and coloured, just take a light grey pen, go around the image and then using sharp tipped scissors, cut them out. Again don't get serious about this, don't worry if you're cut lines are not .03547 mm away from the stamped edge. All we aim to do is cut them away from the rest of the paper. Take a closer look at my cutting - it's not perfect.
Part 3: Colouring the canvas

Part 4: Colouring our stamped image

Part 5: Building up our story
Parts 1 and 2 are self explanatory. Part 3, building up the canvas, is where we can have lots of fun. In my minds eye, I divided the canvas into 2 - the sky and the ground and I laid down colours reflecting this division. Using baby wipes and your mister bottle, you can dictate how much colour is laid down. By using good quality acrylic paints, this gives you this freedom. Also you don't have to use a lot of them, so they last. Don't go thinking that cheaper is better when you're doing this type of art/crafting. After each layer had dried, I added another one, using my templates to leave lines and marks, then building up over these marks using a watered down colour. Baby wipes can be your best friend in helping you remove paint and to help spread it around. If you're not happy, then Gesso over it and start again.
Now then the PEEL OFF - yes it's there. I thought it would make a wonderful garden fence while not looking like a garden fence (did that make sense? lol).
The next part of this project is to colour in our stamped imagery, again have fun you're not going to have to make skin tones look like real skin on this project, as we are going for flat which is completely different from the built up background. I did try to keep the 'fairies' in colour themes, as it's fun to have a Pink Fairy, Yellow Fairy etc. This also goes with the birds - have some fun use those pens, close your eyes and just pick up 3 pens while they are shut. That way you're not going to worry that this colour will not work with that.
Let's build this project up. We have our background - I did make an error, that's why at the 2nd to last moment, I added the butterflys from a napkin that I had. I wasn't going to start all over again, so after a few moments of panic, I remembered that I had this, so the day was saved. Using the Mod Podge, I started to secure the stamped images onto the canvas. After I had placed the items down dry, I secured the mushrooms at either side of the canvas, followed by the wings of the central fairy, followed by the body and hat, then now as l had given the dimensions for the rest of the images l started to secure down. The birds were then secured down, lastly followed by the flowers at the edge. I allowed the flowers to over hang the edge.
There you have it, a project that's made up of stamps that were a mix and match, just to show that you can re-visit old stamps and mix it up with newer stamps.
If you have any questions then please send me a message and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.



  1. Love the funky fairies and all the wonderful colour!

  2. Amazing canvas Alan! Love those bright fairies and toadstools, just fabulous.
    Fliss x

  3. I love this, great colours and the mushrooms are lovely, I am having a mushroom phase at the moment lol. I think I need these. x


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