Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Urban Life by Alan Scott

This project was constructed around the set of stamps that arrived into my crafting hands last week. I have been a firm and active collector of the stamp sets Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley and this one is called Right Up Your Street.
The digital background is available for a FREE download HERE.

White Stamping Card A5
A4 Tag (constructed by gluing together a Buff Manila folder and then cutting out)
Pitch Black Adirondack Ink Pad 
Selection of 'darker shades' ProMarkers (Ice Grey 2 was used to 'dull' down the colours and was the main colour in the buildings)
That Special Touch Masks - Cogs and Crackle
Studio Calico Mister Huey's Mask - Bubbles
Selection of Cosmic Shimmer Mists
White Marker Pen
Red/yellow strong marker Pens (I have used Chalk Blackboard Markers)

Gold Sakura Pen
Moulding Paste/Pallet Knife/Gold-Silver Rub n Buff Cream
Color Catcher Booth (Perfect for using ink sprays etc)
Label Printer with Silver background
Black Liquid Pearls 
Normal Crafty Tool Box Items - Craft Mat - Sharp Scissors - Dimensional Tape - Good Strong Clear Glue


After we have glued the Manila folder together and then secured the print out onto the surface, the only thing that's left to do for the base, is to carefully cut it out in what ever shape we have decided.
This project can be cut down into 3 stages.
1. Tag background
2. All that Glitters and Coloured
3. Making the buildings and securing into place
Taking the masks and the moulding paste, we want to lay down some texture. You don't want to be neat and tidy here - it's texture that we want, not a nice flat surface. Place to one side to dry. It's best to leave over night and just forget about this project till the following morning.
Now then, the moulding paste is dry so its time to play.....

After you have selected your Ink Sprays, place the tag into the Color Catcher and start to lay down layers of colour. The first thing I did was to place the Cogs and Bubbles masks onto the project, to help avoid that problem of lines and over spill. This way as I sprayed onto the moulding area, any over spill would give me a pattern that would add to the tag and not just be a block of colour. Again this would lay down layers of colours.
When the ink had dried, taking my rubbing cream, I laid down another layer of colour. This was done using the best crafting tool ever... THE FINGER!
When I was happy that there were enough layers of colour and the background print had not been lost, the last stage was to place the stamped imagery. The stamps were inked using the Pitch Black ink pad, as I was using ProMarkers after to colour. The roof's were done first, as I was going to over colour the layer of colour with this grey. By doing this, I was going to 'dull' down the colour so that it wasn't so bright or intense. By layering colours, you can make colours match and become a unit and not fight with each other.
Using a light shade of grey (for outline I like to use Warm Grey 2 or a Blue Grey colour). Then taking a pair of sharp tipped scissors, cut around the image leaving a very small margin around the stamped image.
The last thing to do, is to place the cut outs onto your project. Using dimensional tape or good strong glue that gives you dimension, start to lay the images down and to make a picture. Try to tell a story and not just lay them down in a hap hazard way.
Lastly, place your wording down that you have made. I have used a small label maker and using a silver tape, just printed out the words I wanted. These were then shaped again using the sharp tipped scissors. When they were in place, I took red and yellow marker pens (again I have used the same pens that they use to write Menu's on boards and then colour to make attractive and inviting).
The last thing I did was to take something from my childhood. On those hot summers days (remember those such a life time away lol. We had cobbled streets. The fun we had picking up the tar that had melted between the cobbled stones. Our Mums didn't think it was such fun as it was almost impossible to get of our clothes not that we thought at the time). Taking the Black Liquid Pearls, I just filled in some of the cracks in the bottom corner.



  1. A really cool piece, Alan. I particularly like the paste through the stencils.


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