Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Style Is by Alan Scott


This project was started by me looking at a set of stamps and then saying "Okay Alan, how many can you do?' So using the elements of these wonderful stamp collections called Ladies Diary 1 and Ladies Diary 2 by Graphic 45, that's what I've set out to do.

1 Manila Folder (New)
A5 Sheet of Good White Stamping Card 
Adirondack Espresso Ink Pad
Spellbinders Ticket Die (See below for more information)
A5 plain coloured backing paper to match the stamped topper
12" x 4" strip of patterned paper
3 lengths of ribbon (1 wide then 2 that can be layered but seen when flat)
2 - 3 buttons
Large Edger Punch plus a Corner Punch (they can be part of a set but don't worry if not)
Water Brush

Heat Gun
Good strong positional clear glue
Distress Ink Blending Tool

Okay, what or should I say how, did this card come about? Well I was playing with the stamps just inking them up and layering them down just building up shapes and blocks  This was the result of one of the 'crafty playing sessions'.
I took the main text block from the Ladies Diary 2 and then with some careful placement, I used the decorative panel from Ladies Diary 1, so it became a large block and was not just a text image on its own. Then I placed the female stamp on top to complete the stamped imagery. While the ink was still wet, I took an almost damp water brush and just pulled in the colour. I didn't add any fresh colour only the stamped ink was used. This just gives it a faded colour look and not overpowering which can happen if you add extra ink from the pad. I then cut this out using a Spellbinders Ticket die. Now then, I totally understand that some crafters out there in Crafting Land are not able to add these items to their crafty stash. So if you have a collection of corner punches then you can make some decorative marks onto the stamped image. If you're using two different punches, try if possible to get two that are complementary to each other.
This again carries through to the plain backing paper you pick, to back the inked topper on to.  Don't think you can't do this because you don't have this punch or that punch. In the past, I have drawn round a template and then cut it out so that I could make an interesting corner embellishment.
After I had built up the card and topper (oh by the way, the margin from the topper to the edge of the base layer was half an inch), the next step was to make the card. I didn't want to use a white card base and then have to colour it or use another sheet of very valuable paper (all crafters papers are very precious to us!), so I had a look around and then it hit me.. I wonder if a cut down manila folder would make a card? YIPPIE, it did, so lInow have another reason to buy them and not just for my cut out embellishments! I trimmed the folder down to 11" tall and 7 inches wide. This gave me a very elegant tall card.
Taking my patterned paper, I used a decorative punch down both sides. By doing this, it covers the manila folder and to me, takes it away from being an office folder. Again don't worry if you're not in possession of a larger edge punch, a single decorative corner punch with a bit of paper manipulation can give an interesting decorative edge. Use your scrap white paper so you can get a feel of how it's going to work out and then when you're happy, go onto your picked paper. Then all you have to do is with a good photographic clear glue, secure into place. This type of glue allows you the time to move and reposition the paper while its still on the card. It gives you some time before it sets.
As it was going to be tall, I had to balance it out at the bottom. So I used my trusty ribbons. By layering a wide one down first, then a smaller thinner weight ribbon, topped of by a quite brash in your face ribbon, this would give the base a grounding. I didn't put a bow into this card, as it is modern in theme and style and I decided to go with a knot just using the two top ribbons.
Three decorative buttons were added on the side. I used some Mother of Pearl's that l have in my button box. These were secured into place along with the single knotted ribbon with good strong clear glue.
Any questions please send me a message and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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