Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gilded Set of Fans by Alan Scott

This project was inspired by the purchase of several pots of IndigoBlu Mega-Flakes. The way lIwanted to use them like a lot of projects, was when I received a set of stamps from called Bird Song 2 by Graphic 45.
3 x Sheets A4 black card
2 x A4 Sheets gold mirror card
3 different sets of IndigoBlu Mega-Flakes (just use the one if that's all you have)
IndigoBlu FlitterGlu Starter Kit (highly recommended to start using these wonderful highly useful flakes)
Large circle Spellbinder die (again if you don't have these I will explain in the method of making what you can do)
Length of black ribbon just a little larger than the width of card
Several lengths of gold metallic thread
Very strong double sided tape
Dimensional tape
Good sharp scissors
4 x Card Candi gold embellishments (a crafting must have!)
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink Pad

The first thing you need to do is open up the starter kit from IndigoBlu and just look at what you have in front of you. The FlitterGlu is very good and will remain tacky for a short time (I don't know the exact time but if any follower would like to share this information for us all, I know it will be received with thanks). There is also a very good stamp cleaner which is safe to use on all your stamps. Myself, after I have used the cleaner, I then use a clean fresh baby wipe and give the stamp a good cleaning with that as well so that all the glue is then removed.
Now then, when the Mega-Flakes come to you, they are in a small'ish pot (2 and a half inches across and 2 inches tall). You will need to decant this pot into a medium size sealable tub (mine are approx. 6 inches in length and 4 inches tall as the flakes will expand a lot!). I would suggest that you give the tub inside a dusting with your your Dust Buddy or if you don't have that then a dusting of Talc. When the flakes are put into the tub, you will find that the anti static that surrounds lots of objects will aid in making sure that the flakes end up into the tub and not all over your craft room. It's not easy to chase round trying to collect them. Trust me, I have been in that position myself and it took weeks before I managed to clean the place up. Even as I type this, several keys have a wonderful gold overlay!
Right back to the card.....

The fan stamp comes in 2 parts - you have the main outline and then the inside decorative element. I found the best way to go about this project was to do the flakes first and then over stamp with the fan outline. I'm not going to go into how you use the flakes and how you stamp with them. I have put in a link here so that you can go to a video and then watch how they work. This will allow fellow crafters who are new to this style of crafting. Others can refresh or carry on.
Now then where shall we start? Firstly, I used my Dust Buddy and wiped the surface of the card. Then I stamped out the inner part of the fans using the FlitterGlu then covered this with the Mega-Flakes I wanted to use. I started to build up the colour and then using the Scoochy Foam, removed the excess and put it back into the pot. This was repeated with each of the stamped images. I did one extra, as I wanted to layer up one of the fans.
When I had the 3 images, I used the Galaxy Gold ink pad (this gives the best gold impression I have found and it's also very juicy) to stamp over with the fan image. When they were dry, I cut them out and placed to one side.
Now then, I am in the position to be able to use a Spellbinder circle decorative die. I understand a lot of crafters are not able to do this. You can just cut out a circle and then maybe use some fancy peel offs to make the circle edge stand out and become more interesting and not just a flat surface. If you don't have any peel offs, then maybe using a punch and some gold mirror card, punch out some embellishments and use them either whole or trimmed down to make them go further. Then I secured the circle layers onto each other using clear glue.
The last thing to do was to take a black circle of card bigger than when the fans were placed into place. These were then secured into place using clear glue. The extra fan had the dimensional foam placed onto the back and this was then placed over the corresponding fan image.
The final stage was to attach the ribbon. Securing the black ribbon first, this was secured into place by using strong double sided tape. I cut the gold thread to just over the width of the card - there should be 8 in total. We will only use 7 and use the remaining one to tie a knot and cover that knot with a Gold Card Candi. To secure the thread, place some of the double sided tape on the back of the card or the back of the facing page, then taking each strand in turn, lay onto the tape and make sure they are anchored well. As there will be some tape exposed, we can hide this by putting some tape on the back of black or gold card and then secure that over the ends of the threads. Repeat at both ends. Then using the last thread, just decide where the knot will be, tie up, then trim right back. A splodge of the good strong clear glue will secure and make sure the knot will not untie.
Place a gold Card Candi over the knot and place 3 more in the top right corner.
There you are, a card made from just using 3 fans as the stamped image. The flakes must take all the credit as they will follow any image that has been impressed using the glue. Just as good as any stamped image.

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