Friday, 28 September 2012

Sing, Dance and Love by Alan Scott

I was in that mood when I thought, okay let's sort out the stamp collection and then just have a look as to what I have in the collection. We do sometimes forget the older stamp collections that we have bought and only used one or two of the stamps in a collection. This was one of them. It is a stamp collection called Music Hall and is made by IndigoBlu.

I have built up a wonderful collection of stamps from That's Craftyand I have a lot of projects planned with what I have added to my collection. The project that we are talking about now, was created by me thinking, "I wonder if I could stamp and then emboss onto a blank CD?" (okay it wasn't blank but one that came with an old printer or something - we never throw them away we just keep them!). So I set about trying different inks to stamp on the surface. The stamp then led me to this project. However I have to add that the text was 1 stamp and I took a sharp crafting blade (it had a brand NEW Blade in it) and carefully I cut the stamp down into 3 different stamps. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T do this if you're not comfortable with cutting out rubber stamps. The text is close together, so you have to be extra careful.
I also took this opportunity to play with my brand new Pan Pastels. I have to hold my hand up and say that when it comes to this kind of artistic colouring, I'm a complete NOVICE so if I can make something I'm proud of, then I know you guys can do it just as well as I can. So give it a go - you will be impressed. Also you can rub it out (YIPPIE!) if you make an error.
A4 Blank card made up
Backing Paper
A4 sheet of white stamping card
Gold mirror card just bigger than the CD
Spellbinder Square Dies (If you don't have these then cut out a square and then distress the edges)
Spellbinder Ribbon Buckle (If you collection of crafty thing does not include on
then just embellish with what you have)

1 blank OLD CD
Cosmic Shimmer PVA Dark Bronze and Olympic Gold Glue
1 large Button

1 gold Card Candi
Paper ribbon with text on it
Cut out bits from the Spellbinders Die
Dimensional sticky backed pads

Selection of Pan Pastels (my collection is mostly darker colours)
Good Strong Clear Glue
1 small can of cheap Hair Spray

StazOn Black Ink Pad
Stamp Cleaner
Black Embossing Powder
Heat Gun

Normal items from your crafting stash of equipment: anti static bag, craft knife (with a NEW Blade), ruler, edging tool etc.
Now then, the first thing we have to do is stamp onto the CD. I used several ink pads, however this was the best ink. It's also one of the inks that's highly recommended for non-porous surfaces just like what we are doing. I have to WARN YOU that you do need the stamp cleaner, not just for your stamps but for cleaning the surface of the CD. We will be printing on the reverse side of the CD. When you're ready to stamp, I recommend that you first clean the surface of the CD with the stamp cleaner and then when dry and no smears can be seen, use the dust buddy to help make the surface easier to remove unwanted embossing powder.
Take your stamp and ink up well. Right, we have stamped the image onto the CD and raised the stamp vertically we have to be right over the CD, so we can place it flat and then lift it off flat, if you know what l mean. Then take your embossing powder and lay down a good layer of powder. Lift the CD up and carefully tap the loose powder off. Place to one side. Now we have to clean our stamp.
Like I mentioned in the intro, I took a stamp and then split it into 3 different stamps. Now I could have masked off each stamp and stamped up that way. Using the dies, I cut out the text. As you can see, I have cut the text out at different angles, just to give a different look. When each wording image was cut out, I started to play with my Pan Pastels, going light to dark. When I was happy with the look, I used hair spray to 'FIX' it. While with playing with the Pan Pastel's, I backed the A4 card with the paper, I had picked and then started to change the colouring of the paper. The Pastel's blend so easily - just remember you go light to dark. However, saying that, I have added the lighter colour onto the edges of the dark and then 'blended'. There are lots of colours available and they also last a VERY VERY LONG TIME! I know they are not cheap but they are well worth buying the occasional pot to add to the colour section of our crafting.
The gold backing card for the CD came from a set of circle cut outs. All we have to do now is build up our card. Each crafter would have their own spin onto the way the card is constructed, so just use my finished project as a inspiration point and build your own. I added the Cosmic Shimmer Glue - which I'm so impressed with and while I have had them for a long time, I never used them..... now I can't stop, as they just finish a crafting project. I'm going to add to my small collection, so I can DOT AT RANDOM lol.
If you take a look at the ribbon on the card, you will notice that there is gold edging on the ends of the ribbon. These are the cut out bits that normally end up in the crafting space bin. I have become one of those who now look at everything that pops out from the die and says 'How can l use these bits?' Sue Wilson has a lot to be thanked for due to her skills and the way she has given us crafters the knowledge of what to do.
I hope that this project might inspire you to try stamping on other surfaces other than paper/card. Just look after your stamps and they will last you a life time.

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  1. Great idea to recycle CDs with careful stamping. Useful tip too about using the stamp cleaner on the CD surface -thanks :-)


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