Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oh Don't Throw That Away! by Alan Scott

This was yet another project that came out of the "mmm ..... I wonder If"? The main focal material was in fact a bag that came with our Chinese take-a-way meal! The main image is from a wonderful set of stamps by Dylusions called Doolally Dorris. I have also used Basic Backgrounds stamp set also from Dylusions.


A4 White Card Base made up
A4 Backing Sheet
A4 Backing Card/Paper

Adirondack Pitch Black Ink Pad
Selection of Dew Drop Ink Pads (for the background stamping)
Black Embossing Powder

Selection of
Alcohol Inks - Blending Liquid and a Blender Tool
Selection of Cosmic Shimmer Coloured Pearlescent PVA/Ranger Liquid Pearls
3 Buttons and Button Inserts
Anti Static Bag
Heat Gun

Lace width of the card
Good Sharp Scissors
Selection of Spellbinders Borders (or Border Punches)
For the Distressed edges, I have used a selection of
Distress Inks

Alcohol Ink Pens - just a few to highlight the image
ProMarkers or Spectrum Noir
Good Strong Clear Glue 
Glue Tape gun/Tape unit

First we need to construct our basic card base and then distress the edges - you can be as adventurous as you want. The edging will be stamped over by the backing stamps, so any small errors can be hidden away. Also, who's going to know? You can always say 'Its part of the Design!' So never be scared to distress edges, jump in and enjoy.
Now then, if this was the first time that you have edged your cards, just practice on some scrap card - take your time and just remember to build up the depth of colour and it's easy to add but you can't take away. Once you're happy with the edges, started to build up the backing paper using the Basic Background stamps. When you're happy with the results, put to one side to dry, as the backing paper could be a little wet.
Now then, let's stamp! I took the foiled envelope and cut it into a flat surface. With a damp cloth, I wiped it down and made sure it was dry. Then using my Dust Buddy, I gave the surface a quick going over making it ready for embossing. I have been told that if you don't have a Dust Buddy, then Talc will do but I can't say it works, as I've not tried that one yet. Making sure I had the surface in the right format (I used Portrait), I inked up my stamp and then carefully made an impression on the surface. Take your time as it's a non porus surface, so just press down and lift up VERTICALLY, you want to stamp over the surface you need it to be at least waist height.
When that's been done, take your black embossing powder and cover the surface. You don't have to rush but you do need to be quick. Then taking your heat gun, start to emboss the surface. I never get tired of watching this happen - it's such a wonderful thing (when it works hahahaha). Trust me, it works, so this now opens up a whole new collection of surfaces. I will show that in my next project!!
When it's cooled, take your alcohol solutions and your blender (you need to have FELT pads and not the foam pads) and start to lay down some colour onto the surface. Don't worry about going inside your stamped area that's not a problem.
When you're happy with this colour layer, take your selection of alcohol pens and lay down some more colour. I just did the lips, lines on the body and the boots, that's it. Even if they were not fully coloured in, I thought the streaky look was okay.
Now then this is where I made a mistake. I wanted originally to use my Spellbinders borders dies and cut out a nice edge. This was not what I picked up - I used a stand alone metal die. So looking at it, I thought if I did the other side and then lay then just off the outer edge of the main image, it would give me a balanced framed look. So don't worry if you make a mistake - stand back take a look and say "Okay this is happening WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT RIGHT"? You will find a result. So I took the purple backing paper, cut round the edges with my deckled scissors and a few drops of the Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue solved the problem.The lace was dyed using hot, strong black coffee in a mug. When it was the right shade, I dried it using my heat gun. Now then if you're not careful you can melt the polyester that's in the lace. You will see it start to buckle up giving you another surface. Play around with scraps first. I came across this by accident when I was force drying some lace. When it was dried, I looked at it and noticed that I could infact cut out the pattern this again made the lace a completely different look. 3 Buttons and some smaller Mother of Pearl Buttons were glued on top of the buttons and to cover the hole, I used a dab of Silver Liquid Pearls.
There you have it a card that was born out of a Chinese take-a-way meal.

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