Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Freaky Flying Face by Deborah


Stamped ‘as is’ Lost Coast’s 3 Flying Flower Girl Faces are pure zetti. Stamp them into a medallion of clay, paint with acrylic paint, alcohol ink and gilding wax and add some tiny tacks - and they take on a whole new look. A little bit grunge, a little steampunk, a little bit sinister.
I used oven bake clay but you can use air dry clay if you prefer. Any colour will do as you paint over it. I conditioned my clay by rolling it into a ball until it was soft and pliable then flattened it into a rough round shape.  If you have a clay roller, all the better (I can’t find mine). Don’t make it too thin.
I pressed my stamp (mounted on an acrylic block) into the clay firmly with the heel of my hand to make a deep impression. You need to lift the stamp carefully then cut round it with a craft knife. I used the face with pins round it, so I cut those off and replaced them with real ones. In Mum’s garage I found a tube of shoe tingles, which are the little nails cobblers use to repair soles and heels (my dad used to maintain our shoes that way when I was kid – wish I could find his cobblers last!) You could also use dressmakers’ pins but you would need to push them in further.
Follow the instructions to cure your type of clay and when it is hardened off, you can paint it. I started with a base of Copper acrylic paint, rubbed on with my finger. Eco Green Pure Copper or Fresco Finish in Rusty Rose or Old Gold would be good. When it was dry, I dropped small drops of Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink - Slate into the recesses and on the pins. Add other colours if you want or need. It really depends on how the image has stamped and how detailed it is. Just add stuff – or wipe it off – until you are happy with it. I finished with a light rub of gold and pewter gilding rub-on. Or you could use Ranger Perfect Pearls.
I added a magnet to the back but you could add a brooch back or glue it to a mixed media piece or book cover.





  1. Great piece of grungy art !!

  2. Love the multi metallic finish and the nails look fab, great piece!

  3. This is terrific, I love it. So original and striking,

    Lucy x

  4. It's fabulous Deb, love that technique using the clay and stamps. The tiny tacks are a great finishing touch too.


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