Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bad Hair Day by Alan Scott

This is another card using what appears to be my favourite stamp collection. This card was made using 2 sets of stamps sets from DylusionsBasic Backgrounds and Pondering Petunia.
Before I go any further, there is a warning that I have to mention about the construction of this card. One of the elements involves a heat gun and some clear plastic. This plastic is going to be melted using the heat gun so PLEASE take all the necessary protection and be very very careful.

A4 white constructed basic card
Selection of Alcohol Ink pens like ProMarkers/Spectrum Noir
Page from an old Road Atlas
Clear 12 x 12 plastic sleeve (ie from 12 inch papers when bought)
Pair of plastic gloves
Sheet of white vellum
Small piece of clear plastic (from a Spellbinders packet for instance)
Can of glitter spray
Dimensional squares to build up the body layering


The first part of this card is to make the plastic topper. Taking your alcohol inks and your blending tool, colour one side of the plastic. Don't trim the plastic to size - you will have lots of opportunity to do that after you have MELTED the plastic. Now then, melting the plastic. Taking your heat gun, you want to run the heat over the plastic but don't get close. You will see after 30 seconds or so, that the plastic will start to crumble up and become smaller in size. By reducing the heat by taking the heat gun higher, you can dictate how the plastic melts and crumples up. If you're a little hesitant, try it out on some clear plastic just to get a feel of how you can melt the plastic and control the way it looks.

For this, you're going to have to stamp the body out 4 times. However, you don't have to re-ink the stamp all they way. For the boots, just ink up the boots section. This goes for the body and the head. The boots are stamped on the manila tag. The main body and legs were stamped on the Road Atlas and the head was stamped on good stamping card twice.
After you have allowed the ink to dry, start to colour in the body and legs, followed by the head.

Using your craft scissors, carefully cut out the stamped image leaving just a small edge. Even do this for the glasses on the head, however you might find a craft knife an easier option for this part.

After you're happy with the finished cutting out, your next job is to glue the boots and head onto the body.Taking your clear plastic (ie: from a Spellbinders folder), secure the 2nd stamped head onto this. When dry, cut just outside the inner frame. Leave a margin that will allow you to glue the plastic into the main head from the back. This part is just an extra extravagance, however if you're not feeling comfortable with this, then miss it out.
Taking your vellum, stamp out 20 times using the Memento ink, each of the pointed finger hands in the stamp set. When they are dry, taking the Glitter spray, give a good coating. This will not just embellish the vellum but will also add some strength.
Keeping close to the inked edge, cut out and then when all have been freed from the glittered vellum from the back, start to build up a thick head of hair. Keep checking by turning right way round to see how the hair is looking and if there are any gaps.

Using the stamps from the background collection, start to build up layers of colour. There are no rules as to what and how, it's a pure personal choice. When that's dry, using the Rusty Hinge Distress Ink, ink the edges of the card.

Lay the lace onto your craft mat. REMEMBER NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT ON YOUR CRAFTING GLOVES!!!!
Start to spray the lace with the Ink Sprays, so that you build up a multi coloured fabric. Before you attack the lace, it's a handy tip to wet the lace first with water and a spray bottle. This will allow the ink to penetrate the fibres alot easier and thus you will not use as much ink.
After the lace is finished, don't take a wet wipe to the craft mat. If you have any tags in your crafting empire, this is a perfect time to build up colour on them. If you don't have tags ,then get a sheet of porous white paper and soak up the ink. This will build up backing papers that you can add by using stamping at a later date. Don't waste anything unless there is no other choice!

Secure the melted plastic square onto your card (by now you will have taken your scissors to it and made the edges a little more uniformed). The lace is the next item to be secured. The last thing is the body. By placing 3 dimensional glue pads, you can make sure that the body and head are level when you come to secure the figure. Remember the plastic will make the head go forward, unless you build up and support the main focal point.
There you have it, I hope you have been able to understand what I have tried to say. Any questions, please email and Il will do my best to reply a.s.a.p.



  1. Brilliant card, Alan. Your plastic topper reminds me of when I used to fuse plastic carrier bags in textiles classes.

  2. Fun ideas to try. She looks how I feel after a day at work!

  3. Fab card. Love it, and the pink specs. Thanks!


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