Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Huntsman by Alan Scott

Once again I have dipped into my FAV. stamp collections to make this card. The stamp collection is Dylusions and the stamp set is Dependable Dotty. It started life as just stamping in an old book just to see what they looked like. I bought an old Folk Tales book from a car boot and kept it to one side just incase I needed some of the imagery for a project. Also the book only cost 10p, so nothing lost! Well, I came across this story and I knew right away what I was going to do. It's not a true reflection of the story but I just let the story unfold by itself.

Large page from a book (the page should not have a glossy coating on it but be just paper stock)
A4 basic white card constructed
A4 backing paper
The netting from fruit packaging!
Spectrum Noir Pens or any Alcohol pens i.e. ProMarkers
Tim Holtz Distress Markers - Black Soot and Worn Lipstick
Friskars Deckle Scissors
Items from our crafting box: scissors, glue tape runner, heat gun, non stick craft mat, craft knife, ruler etc.

The main issue for making a card like this, is finding the page that you want to use. Something that might compliment your stamped image. I will be doing another card soon exploring this kind of construction, so Part 2 will be here soon at your local Crafting SuperStore hehehe.
Right back to the card. Once you have picked your backing paper, stamp the main image and just give it a quick blast with a heat gun to fix it. I do recommend that if you're going to be working with colouring mediums just ‘fix’ the stamping first.
Before I started to add colour to the image, there were 2 sections that had to be done. First, using the Distressing Pens, I covered the stamp with a layer of the ink. I didn't want to use an ink pad, as that would give an even layer. By using the pens, you can control how much and where the ink will go. Also, no two stamped images will be the same. In the centre, I stamped using the other colour just to give a centre point.
The images at the side were done by using the Perfect Medium and a gold holographic Eebossing powder. When it came to use the heat gun, I took a small soft brush and just removed some of the embossing powder from the stamped image, as I wanted it to look like it was old and some parts would be missing. If it was embossed as a perfect image, it would not look right. It had to balance and fit in with the stamped skulls at the base of the card.
Now it's time to colour in. Using a selection of pens, I just put down some flat colour, only using a soft light grey to add the shadows. I had something in mind when it came to the highlighting - Sakura Pens! By adding these into the mix, I was able to add the neon colours into the mix. They also blend in well, like the socks on the figure. We sometimes forget that these pens do come in more colours than just white, which we use for our faux stitching/adding highlights.
After all the colouring had been finished, once again I just gave it a quick blast with the heat gun. I then had to decide where I would trim the page to. When I was happy, using my Deckle scissors, I cut round a faint pencil line I had made. Now then, if you don't have these scissors (however I do recommend that if your budget will stretch that you add a pair to your crafty box as they can cover up a load of small mistakes when we are trimming) then I can also recommend using the Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Paper Distresser.
After securing your work of art onto the A4 card you have constructed and placing your backing paper on, the last thing we have to do is place our ribbon onto the card ........ "OH NO" I hear you shout "WE DONT HAVE RIBBON ON OUR SHOPPING LIST!" Okay what do we have ..........
AHHHHHHH RIGHT we have that fruit netting!
Right open it up best you can on a flat surface and then taking your scissors make a cut at the base, so you end up with a length of the netting. Now cut in half right down the middle. Don't worry about the plastic ‘fraying’, it all adds to the card. Take one half, fold in half and then secure onto your card using a good strong clear double sided tape. If you have any off cuts then just tie a knot at one end. You may have to put another small strip of strong clear double sided tape under the knot to keep in place.
There you have it, a card using a page from a book. I hope it might inspire you to maybe take a section from this How 2 Make and use it on your own projects.
Any questions, please send me a message and l will do my best to get back to you with a reply to your message a.s.a.p.


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