Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Steampunk Forms by Alan Scott

This card was constructed by using elements from a great set of stamps by STAMPENDOUS called ‘Corset Ladies’.

I would have to say from the start that this card is not for a beginner. It has to have elements of masking and layering. Saying that, if you feel comfortable with you're abilities then dive on in and try. I just don't want new crafters to become frustrated at trying this and then when it's not working walk away from their crafting goodies, never to be picked up again!


A4 card constructed from your card stock or bought
A4 black and white backing paper
A5 black Co Ordinations card stock (or black card stock if you don't have this card)
Embossing folder or plate - here l have used an old Embossing plate that was made for the Big Shot
Sand paper block and paper
Length of lace 3 times the width of the embossed topper (mine was white but using some Black Soot Ink I was able to re-colour. If you cant afford a lot of ribbon then buy white as armed with AquaMarkers, ProMarkers, Tim Holtz Distressing Markers or Inks and Spectrum Noirs Pens, your white ribbon or lace can be re-coloured to match your project!)
Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Black Soot – Vintage Photo
VersaFine Onyx Black (for watercolouring you have to use an OIL based ink)
Black and white Bakers Twine
Silver ribbon
Black ribbon wide enough to be placed on the embossed topper card
Dimensional tape/pads
Black ribbon smaller in width so it can be layered.
Very strong clear glue or strong double sided tape
Card Candi (just want 4 of them out of a packet)
Black marker pen
Post-it notes
Water colouring brushes
Normal crafting equipment


Taking your base stamps you want to (using some scrap paper) just stamp and then using the top half of the image stamp on top. At this point you're just looking as to where the two images line up. When you're happy with the placement place a light pencil mark so you know where the two stamps combine. Now taking your Post-it notes making sure that the glue strip is being covered at the widest point, carefully cut the stamped image out. Do this for all your images - you will have 6 in total - 2 x ladies, 2 x wings and the dress form and the bird cage. Draw a base line onto some white card stock. You can then stamp the base, as you know where the overlay point is, as you placed the matching ladies stamp into place. Then stamp your base. Don't worry about stamping onto your ladies mask -that's what it is there for. Take the mask off and then carefully positioning your ladies stamp, make an impression. Try to get as close as you can to the image you have already stamped (if you are having problems in following the masking procedure then please drop us a line at That's Crafty! or on my blog http://wwwaswcrafting.blogspot.co.uk/ and I will see if I can do a photographed ‘How To Do’ at each stage of the stamping). After you have over stamped the ‘Ladies’ you then need to re lay the mask of the ‘Ladies’ and stamp your wings.
Once you have built up your image, then the fun bit can start - colouring in. As we have used an oil based ink pad, we can use our water based colouring mediums. If you want to play with colouring, just stamp onto some paper (the same you have used for the stamping and just experiment with colour).

Take your black and white backing paper and cover the front of your card. I have used Black Soot and Vintage Photo Distress Ink to colour the edges. By Using the Vintage Photo it gives a bit of depth to the layers of colouring. The black card topper was run through my Big Shot using one of the embossing plates that came with it. If you don't have this then pick out a folder from your collection and use that. Using your sanding block and paper, go over the surface of the embossed card to reveal the core.  If you don't have Co-Ordinations, use your folder and then take a ink pad (white of silver if you have it) and lightly go over the surface of the card, so that the embossed area is then inked and can be seen. When dry, carefully and lightly ‘scuff’ the area so that it looks like it has that colour center.
Taking the lace and some strong double sided tape, I secured the lace at the top. I wanted to give that little touch of femininity to the card. As it was a Steam punk inspired card, I didn't want the lace to be uniformed, so I tried to keep the lace creased so that there would be lighter areas of colour. This also gives a little extra definition to the finished embellishment. Place the ribbon on to the card, making sure that you have checked where your stamped and coloured image will be and secure into place. Then take 4 lengths of the Bakers Twine. You want it to be at least the width of the A4 card 150mm 6 inches. Place onto the card and tie a knot leaving about 2 inches tail. You will need a large sewing needle or a large safety pin for the next bit. Place the twine onto the card (just place an clean cup or something heavy, so that it is secured but not glued into place). At the other end, take the twine and start to make a knot by folding round and under.  Here is the trick to place the knot where you want it. Put the pin through the knot and start to pull it down to the length that you want. When you're happy with it, pull out the needle or the unclipped part of the safety pin and just pull to close the knot end. This works with anything you want to make a knot in. Trim the edge to match the other and then glue into place.
Place the stamped and coloured image onto the card. Take 4 items from the packet of Card Candi pieces. (fab fab fab items - a must for all crafters, they cover up so much and are perfect for flower centres). Take your black marker pen and just add a cross. This will give the embellishment the look of a screw top! Take the silver ribbon and secure at both ends' Like wise, place tape along the black ribbon and secure. Then take a piece of black ribbon approx. 4 inches and tie a simple knot where you want along the newly attached ribbon. I place a small blob of clear strong glue just under the knot and press down to secure.  The last thing to do is take your Liquid Pearls and add a few drops at the bottom, this is just to give a little extra detail and anchor the stamped design.
There you have it, a Steam Punk inspired card that while mostly mono tones, has a splash of softness and colour.


  1. Great card, love the textured gun metal grey background and those fabulous steam punk ladies.

  2. Wonderful card. I too love the grey - and the knotted bakers twine. Very effective.


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