Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flower in a Bottle by Alan Scott

This card was finally made from elements from 2 stylised stamp sets from PaperArtsy called Hot Picks 1203 and Hot Picks 1205.

A4 card made up from your card stock
12” x 12” sheet of backing paper
A4 sheet of gold pPaper
Cereal box cut into A5
Walnut Stain Flakes
Binding Tape
Glossy Accents
Watercolouring medium (AquaMarkers/paints)
Normal items from your crafting goodies ie: scissors, craft knife, ruler etc.

This card did not start out as it finally looked. You know when you're three quarters way through a card and you just turn around to pick something up and then on returning you look at the card and think OH NO THAT'S NOT GOING TO WORK! Well this was one of those moments.

So I put aside what I had done and carefully cut out all the images I wanted, like the bottle. That had been given a light green water wash and then using a high gloss gel, I in fact created a home made epoxy sticker.
When I tried to remove the topper from the card, as careful as I was, it did tear. So this is where with some gold paper and a Martha Stewart punch I managed to cover up what damage I had made. The rest of the area was covered up by using a larger topper that was made from the inside of a cereal packet. I never throw them away, as they are perfect for cutting out shapes using my Cricut and eCraft machine’s.

Right then, the bottle was originally made on the old card. Carefully cutting it out, I then gave the edges a going over with an old make up sponge and Black Soot Ink. This blended two sides and it covered up those areas that were left white after cutting it out from the original topper. The flower was also cut out but this time I only used the centre portion. This when I cut it out I snipped into the centre to give a look of feathering. The Butterfly was also cut out and this time was edged in the Black Soot Ink.
I had to now re-stamp the main flower. However this time I had something to work with. The original time I stamped, I had to work out where the bottle was in comparison to the flower stem and then mask etc. I didn't have to worry about it now, as I just had to secure the bottle over the stem and WHAM there you have it. Job done!
After I had stamped the flower and the butterfly in place, I had the chance to play with something new that has been delivered into my crafting stash - Walnut Stain. It's something that Altered Artists among others have used. It comes in flacks and can be melted into a liquid by just using hot water. This was the first time I have used it and it's just a wonderful product to give you that aged look. I placed a few flakes onto the wet card and rubbed in. I do this with coffee (another wonderful crafting aging product along with tea bags - clean ones please lol).
I was very impressed with what it had done to the card and I'm looking forward to exploring this more over the coming months.
Now all I had to do when the card was dry was in fact to build up the card. I secured the bottle over the stem, glued the butterfly over the stamped image and finally after moulding the flower centre to give some definition, that was glued.
I looked at the card and something was missing ..............
I didn't want a ribbon to go over all the front of the card, as it was aimed for a Male. So by carefully making a slit into the card I was able to thread the ribbon through (which had also been treated with the Walnut Stain), this way it anchored the card.
I don't put a sentiment or a theme on my cards if I can help it. This way, it's up to you to maybe grab a hint here or a style from there and bring it into your own crafting and theme of card.
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