Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hope Ewe Will Be Feeling Better by Alan Scott

This was a VERY fun card to do. The stamp set is called Farm from Artemio. There is another stamp set from Artemio called Picoti Picota and these stamps fit in so well together. This means you can mix and match making new stamping scenes all the time.


Colouring medium of your choice. Here, I used AquaMarkers along with dual tipped pens. You can use anything from paints to watercolouring pencils
1, 8ins x 8ins card completely constructed (you can change this to fit in with your size).
Simple phrase (I did this in my design program. However, if someone is going to struggle with this, send an email and I will try to make the same text saying again and post it out as a freebie on the That's Crafty! blog)
Complementary backing paper
Plain backing paper to make a topper for the painted image
Spellbinders die - again, this is something that is personal. You may just want to leave it square or you may have another fav die shape
Normal crafty equipment and materials
Plain white paper
Water brushes and a old white tile (l bought mine from the local tile shop - it was a damaged one and I paid 25p and it's an 8ins x 8ins tile, so l can get a lot of paint onto it)


Here is a tip that l try to pass on to everyone who l help in stamping. We all have some plain scrap paper laying around our crafting space. When it comes to making up a scene, I first take my stamps and ink and just play with placement of the images. This way I know what masks l have to make, so that l am not over printing. When l am happy with the layout and here is another tip (oh this is so clever), take your scrap paper that you have been using and just cut out the stamps that need a mask making. Then all you do, is place just a little bit of not too sticky glue on the back and there you have it - a mask that’s been recycled so to speak. When you're doing this, don’t throw things away you might need in future, keep them in the stamp bag you keep the main stamps in. Oh and Tip 2 -use a very fine black waterproof liner to fill in those little areas that have not quite been stamped in.

Now the fun bit! After you have stamped and masked out your scene, just start to paint away. You just go for it. Don’t worry about making an error, after all it's just PAPER and you can re-stamp the image. When it's dry, you then cut it out using your die or a ruler and craft knife.

Then the next step is to make the backing paper for your painted creation. Oh and don’t worry about how it looks before you cut it out. Once it's been trimmed and backed it will look just perfect.

Now for your text. You may have a text stamp you want to use or like me, you like to play on words with what the topper is. So you can make the text topper on your computer or why not write it out onto card, cut it out and then add some peel offs? It's your card, you don't have to follow line by line. It's what your comfortable in doing. The next stage is picking out your backing paper for the card. Once you're happy, secure onto the front of the plain card and trim to size. Once again, if l can mention the tip from the other day. When you have placed your double sided tape onto your card, just go over with some glue stick, just a thin layer. This will give you the opportunity to make minor adjustments before you secure firmly into place. Now that you have trimmed the card, place it face up. This is now where you decide where to place all the images and embellishments. You may want them on an angle and not just face up like l have done. Once you're happy with the layout, start to build up the card. Secure the main topper first, then the ribbon. Speaking of ribbons, l will be doing a special on a small fab crafting item that's going to save you a lot of stress and ribbon! IT'S A FAB BIT OF KIT!!! It's called i-magicut Ribbon Cutter by Imaginisce and it will become a very active part of your crafting equipment.

The Text was printed out from the computer, so l backed it onto some old scrap white paper from my ‘white card scraps bucket’, trimmed to size and then using sticky backed pads l secured into place.

There you have it - a simple card that’s been built up using a fab set of stamps. Hope you like it and it might inspire you to get your watercolouring pens, pots or pencils out and start to play.

Have fun and Happy Crafting


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