Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tulip and Butterflies by Debs Wainwright

Hello everyone, I'm so happy you are here, as I have an acrylic tag to share. I loved working on the acrylic as it is so versatile. I have lots of ideas but they are for another day, however today I'm sharing quite a simple creation.

I don't have any process shots, as to be honest I got so into the tag I forgot. I have some shots of another acrylic tag in process so I will show them so you get the idea.

I liked to work back to front on acrylic, as it looks like something under glass when viewed from the other side. However for this tag I chose a stamp with script which has to stamped on the right side otherwise it cannot be read. It's like looking at script in a mirror.

So I decided to work on both sides. First I chose to do the background. I used pigment powders activated spray paint on one side. Because the acrylic isn't porous all the colours pool on top. I dried it with a heat gun. It looked similar to this but I had used different colours.


This isn't quite dry but you can see the effect it has. Once my tag was dry I allowed it to cool.

I then stamped my feature. Again this is similar. 

I dried the ink with a heat tool and then painted the areas of the stamp I wanted to have colour.


Here are some close ups.

Because the background colour isn't solid any colours you place behind it give the tag a new look.

A few more.

What I used

Brusho's in Grey, Olive Green, Brown
I love how the different colours underneath the tag change the colours on the tag. Isn't colour just wonderful!

Take care from me.


  1. Love the acrylic tag, and your painting is gorgeous.

  2. Ooh they are all gorgeous Debs, would make lovely sun catchers too ;)
    Donna xxx

  3. Very enchanting tag and gorgeous painting! xx

  4. You are absolutely right! That is blogging crafty as well a blogging beautiful!!
    Sandy xx

  5. This is beautiful! I bought some of the acrylic ATC's and wondered what to do with them. Now I know!! x

  6. Gorgeous - all of them Debs. Loved seeing these... wow. j.

  7. Look great! Acrylics had me stumped, fab inspiration
    Amanda x

  8. Wow! Totally amazing Debs and the backgrounds all loo stunning!
    Fliss xx

  9. Fabulous stuff, Debs - some of my favourite stamps of the moment, and the acrylic makes them extra special.
    Alison x

  10. Definitely extra special for working on the acrylic, that pooling effect is beautiful even before the addition of the stamping. Debs, does the spray need to be sealed or did you find that the heat set on the acrylic?

    1. High Lynne it was the heat that set it. The background was completed on one side and the stamping and painting on the other which creates depth xx

  11. Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing Debs. Love love love your tags.

  12. Beautiful project, Debs! Please email me as I have an idea in mind.

  13. Fabulous! Great how the sprays pool on the acrylic. I love the effect! Lx

  14. Really pretty! I can imagine all sorts of faux stained glass projects with this technique. TFS!


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