Monday, 28 September 2015

Rose Garland by Moira Sutton


Prima Watercolour Paper A4 
Prima Bloom Mother Stamp Set 
Brushos – Yellow, Turquoise, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Violet, Rose Red, Crimson and Scarlet
Archival Inkpad Watering Can 
Stencils: Donna Downey Alphabet Rerun
    Crafters Workshop Roman Letters and Harlequin
Prima Watercolour Pencils 
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels 
Water Bottle 
Fude Pen 
Black Pencil

For this piece I’m working with Brushos on watercolour paper. Brushos give an intense water colour result and like water colours will always remain water reactive. I usually use them by sprinkling on paper and squirting with a water bottle to create backgrounds but I wanted to try them as a colouring medium. The watercolour paper is able to stand up to all the water that will go on it, but can still be put in my journal as it fits a double page spread, perfect.

I started by stamping the woman’s face onto a sheet of A4 copy paper to create a mask. I stamped the face image in black on the watercolour paper and placed the mask I’d made with copy paper over the top.

Next I created some background using the Watering Can ink and the stencils.

I then wet my watercolour paper with a clean wet brush in the areas I wanted to add the yellow, sprinkled a little of the yellow Brusho onto my craft mat, picked it up with my wet brush and moved the paint into the wet area. Brushos give a lot of colour for a tiny speck of powder so be careful. If you wet the area where you want the colour to go first it is easier to control it. Next I did the same with the Turquoise knowing that where the yellow and blue met it would make green. I did not want to colour the whole sheet I wanted to leave some white areas at the edges. Be careful to use different water pots and brushes to keep the colours clean as they will mix very easily.  

I coloured the roses in her hair using a mix of the Burnt Sienna, Crimson, Rose Red and Scarlet Brushos, creating tiny pool of each on my craft mat using a few sprinkles of the powder and water. With a small paint brush I randomly dabbed the colours through the roses so they had more light and dark than one colour. 

Next her hair was done with two colours Violet and Ultramarine I love that as the Brushos behave like watercolours they easily mix and blend but still leave distinct colour areas.  

For the nest and eggs I turned to my watercolour pencils as I would have more control and also I needed to use a brown and did not have one in the Brushos. You don’t have to use water with the pencils you can just use them as ordinary pencils too. I also used the pencils to tidy up any “missed” bits in the hair and roses, although leaving some white in the roses helps with giving some dimension to them.

Next I coloured the face, firstly I brushed the area with a wet brush, then again with the wet brush picked up the colour I wanted to use directly from the Water Soluble Oil Pastel, this again would give me more control over where and how strongly the colour was applied.

Final touches were made with pen and pencils to add some highlight and definition.


  1. Fab and I just love the zing of all the vibrant colours,brilliant creation ;)
    Donna xxx

  2. Really gorgeous Moira and just love her halo of roses. So colourful.
    Fliss xx

  3. What a lovely colourful make, will make a fab page in your journal
    Aamanda x

  4. Really Lovely! Moira Love that you kept areas of white . Loving your brusho work x

  5. Gorgeous approach to this card as it is so bold and vibrant but likewise, so pretty x

  6. I really think you should give lessons - where do you live again? How about some youtube videos - that will work if you go step by step.
    Did I say I like your work!!!
    Sandy xx

  7. Great card Moira, love the composition, fab background and the feature is lovely xxx


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