Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dreaming by Debs Wainwright

Hello everyone, Debs here with a Journal Page this week.

Using a palette knife I scraped some paint on my page, and using a stencil and baby wipe, removed some of the paint. I added some circles using the top of glue stick.

At this stage I stopped for a coffee and looked at the page. I often do this, and most times I'm rewarded as shapes and colours come together in my head. I outlined these areas with a black water soluble pencil and activated it with water.
You can see the dribbles from spray paint. I used a black pen to depict others areas and gave some detail to them.

To finish my page I stamped my feature and sentiment.

I really enjoyed creating this page and I hope you like it.

Debs xx


  1. Wonderful journal page Debs, I often see loads of shapes in the painty goodness too ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Really love this piece Debs! Stunning effects!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Gorgeous Debs, i have those stamps and love what you did with them here. Lovely colours too

  4. Great page Debs, love your colours. I always walk away from a piece, you always see something different when you look again.
    Amanda x

  5. That looks great, I love the colours you've used Debs. I often go away and have a cuppa while I'm deciding what to do next on a picture. It really helps.

  6. A truly beautiful page Debs. Just love the way the colours turned out and give such a fab textural effect.
    Fliss xx

  7. I love it without the black pencil addition but afterwards... I love it even more. Donno why but it just made it more intriguing for me - more depth, more pop. Just really like this alot Debs. j.

  8. Fabulous page. Love the cool colours.

  9. Fantastic page Deb, love the colours! xxx


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