Saturday, 13 June 2015

Just Stencil It by Donna Gray

Hello everyone, 

Donna here today using stencils on wood, yes I know I love wood!

Here’s What I Did:


I used 3 squares of wood for this but of course you can use mountboard, greyboard, thick cardboard, anything that will take a layer of paint without warping.

Depending on what you use, apply a thin layer of Gesso first and let that dry. Next, I took quite muted shades of DecoArt paints and applied randomly on the wooden pieces using a brayer. I love this method as it gives a really random effect.

When all that’s dry, I took my stencils and a stencil brush and once again using DecoArt paints, I dabbed the paints through the stencil. Always remember to not overload your brush as the paint slips under the stencil and makes a right old mess!

After making sure all the paint was dry, I splodged some black paint on my craft mat and using the edge of an old credit card dipped into the paint, applied the lines randomly to the wooden pieces. I then used the inner part of a roll of tape to draw the circle for the setting sun and then painted that.

Now at this point I thought it just looked too ‘new’ and I really wanted a more faded look as if it had been around for a while. So for this, grab a sanding block or fine grain sandpaper and lightly sand back the surface…don’t go too mad, you don’t want to remove everything!

There you go, I love my stencils as they are so versatile and you don’t always need to use them just for backgrounds as they can make art on their own! 


Supplies Used: 

For wood substitute for PaperArtsy Greyboard

Hope you like it

Donna x


  1. LOVE these Donna. I use wood alot since it's very free here at the ranch!!! You got a great "rustic" look on all of these. Normally the dragonfly would be my fav because I love them but.... what makes me feel happy tonight is the "vintage" sentiment creation. Thanks bunches for sharing - I really enjoyed seeing these. j.

  2. I agree with you totally about stencils being so much more than background interest, and you've proved it here. A fantastic trio, Donna.

  3. Loveeeee these and fabulous stencilling as your focal points. An absolute awesome trio of woody brilliance from the queen of wood!!
    Amanda xx

  4. Wonderful,designs and stencilling Donna. Love your muted colours and the sanding back very effective xx

  5. Awesome.. great style.. another aspect of Donna!

  6. Fantastic stencilling Donna and would never guess it was on wood. Simply stunning!
    Fliss xx

  7. The colours are so beautiful, I have to say that I absolutely adore this creation.

  8. These three look fabulous Donna. The muted colours work so well for the design, which is amazing, I love it xx

  9. Fabulous Donna! Love the muted effect, gorgeous woodwork! Ruth x


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