Saturday, 11 April 2015

Rainbow Butterfly by Donna Ratcliff

Morning all! Playtime this week with a product I last used when I was a kid….Engraving Art Foil or Scrape-a-foil as I’m sure it was called when I used it.  I thought I’d have a play with stamping on it and as I had the Rainbow pack what better image than a butterfly…


What I used


What I did….

1. I started off by simply stamping and embossing the butterfly in black…
2. Then I started to scrape off the surface, keeping the strokes going in the direction of the wings. I know you can buy specific tools for this, and somewhere I do have some (note operative word somewhere!!) but I simply used a blunt craft knife and it worked fine
3. Next using a bit of sponge I added some white gesso through the ‘Shatter’ stencil and also lightly around the edges.
4. Next using the point of the craft knife I lightly highlighted the lines produced by the stencils. Then I roughed up the edges a bit with some sandpaper but you could just as easily use the edge of your knife.
5. To finish I added a sentiment, mounted it onto some black and white card …… then decided it needed something more so watered down some gesso and flicked some white spots over the surface. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you next week
Donna xx


  1. Would never have thought of stamping on it. What a brilliant idea, Donna! And it looks fantastic too.

  2. Wow, this looks stunning! What a cool idea xxx

  3. Looks like fun Donna, the butterfly is stunning! xxx

  4. Wow Donna! An amazing effect with the foil and also would never have thought of doing that - brilliant!
    Fliss xx


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