Thursday, 30 April 2015

Glass Bottle Pendant by Carol Fox


I removed the cork from the bottle and put a small piece of Blu Tack in the hole, I stuck a cocktail stick into this so I had something to hold it by whilst I painted it. I gave it a coat of Multi Medium and used the stick as a stand to poke it into a large piece of Blu Tack on my desk while it dried.

I used  a pair of wire cutters to remove the eyelet hole from the top of the star in the charm set, I filed it to remove any sharp edges and glued this to the front of the bottle.

Using Cut and Dry Foam I sponged Multi Media paint over the bottle and star, to do this I put small spots of Quinacridone, Phthalo Green-Blue and Gold onto my craft mat and picked them up and mixed them as I went directly on the bottle, adjusting the amount as I went until I was happy with the finished effect.

I replaced the cork and useing a bead cap from a broken necklace I poked a screw eye through the hole in the bead cap and then bent the whole bead cap over the top of the bottle screwing the eyelet into the cork, adding a spot of Glossy Accents to hold the whole thing tight in place.


The beads and chain are from the same piece of broken jewellery, I added these with jump rings. I now decided it needed a bit of a gothic touch so I dug a plastic skull out of my Halloween stash and painted this in exactly the same way as the bottle to give it an old rusty look. I added a Screw eye to the top so I could hang it from a length of chain and add it to the necklace.


I used

Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Tiny Vials, Metal Charms, Screw Eyes
Reclaimed Jewellery
Plastic Skull


See you next week,
Carol x


  1. Only one word will do here. It's WOW! Lx

  2. I'm not a jewellery person usually but that is stunning, Carol.

  3. this is simply stunning, adore it x

  4. An absolutely superb transformation Carol!!! LOVE it. Jenny x


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