Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fear of White Spaces - A work in progress by Carol Fox


I have  a bit of a thing for not leaving white areas on my journal pages, but this week I set myself a challenge to only use one other main colour apart from black and to leave some blank areas, this is the result.

My starting point was a page that had had a stencil rubbed down on it that had been used on my Gelli  Plate. All those pretty pinks and mauves looked to nice just to waste so I plonked it down on my page and rubbed it down well to transfer the leftover paint. So when I was flicking through my journal I came across it and decided to use it for my page this week.

I added some bright pink paint using a stencil, applying the paint with Cut and Dry Foam, leaving the central area of the page empty.

I laid my large face stencil onto my page with the empty space in the centre of the face area and used black paint and Cut and Dry Foam to fill in the stencil, picking it up carefully when finished so I would not smudge the paint.

I added the stamped splodges using black Archival ink and edged the page with black acrylic paint.

I used short lengths of layered washi tape in the corners of my page to add interest and to frame my face a little bit.

I left writing my words in the face until last so I would not smudge them while working on the rest of the page.

This still needs something else, but I think I will put it to one side for now and come back to it at a later date, or maybe it’s the fact that I never really like my own handwriting on things, I don’t really know. But I think it’s best left and looked at again in the future.

I used


Carol X


  1. I like the white, Carol. I wouldn't add to much more if it were mine. It looks fab as it is, to me. I love how you added the writing in a swirl.

  2. Very brave of you to leave all the white space Carol as I struggle with that too. Amazing creation you've done and love the pink with simple black and white.
    Fliss x

  3. Just me, but I think it is fantastic as it is!


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