Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Easy Peasy by Donna Gray


We are delighted to announce that the very talented Donna Gray will be
joining us for February and March as our guest designer.


Hi everyone, 

It’s Donna Gray from Inky and Quirky here as a guest designer for the next few weeks. In that time I’m hoping to get you all drawing and making your own stamps ;). 

Now, I know a lot of you lovely ladies out there are a bit intimidated by drawing so when I saw this wonderful stencil I thought it was such a great idea to get you all started. 

So, armed with the stencil and my trusty Grey Board (I love these, they handle anything you throw at them) I set to work using the pencil to draw the image through the stencil.


I covered the background with some distress inks, here you can see the outline of the drawing…as simple as that!


Now at this point I got a mixture of Fresco paints out to make the skin tones etc. Then I decided that I wanted to cover the background with DecoArt Crackle White paint but I layered it on too thickly…lesson learned! So, I sanded it back a bit and put a layer of Fresco paint on in a shade of dark green to contrast with the image. Much happier now! 
At this point I thought, I need flowers! So from my stash I found some pretty ones but a bit boring for this. Hmmm ah wait, I have some new DecoArt Media Misters, lets see what they can do.


A before and after example, these sprays are so lovely, just a couple of little squirts and look how the flower has been transformed. Remember, these are spray paints so they are permanent when dry and do not ‘bleed’ into anything you put on top of them unlike dyes can. 

Here is the finished picture for you. The possibilities are endless, you can add your unique take on it, the stencil is used only as a guideline. Give it a try, if you always wanted to draw a face but thought you couldn’t, this makes it so easy, there’ll be no stopping you!


A close up of the eyes and flowers. 


Hope you like it and have been inspired to give it a try

See you all next week

Donna x





  1. Welcome to the design team, Donna. Hope you enjoy your guesting stint over the next few weeks. I love your Spring maiden - the details are so expertly painted. Gorgeous.

  2. Absolutely Stunning! Fabulous GDT piece can't wait for more! Love what you've done with the stencil.
    Amanda x

  3. Wow, so clever Donna, what a wonderful face! The idea of the stencil is brilliant!

  4. Beautiful card Donna and what a genius use of that stencil! Your flowers are gorgeous! Love it! hugs :)

  5. Brilliant! Simply gorgeous! You made her very beautiful! Big crafty thumbs up! Xxx

  6. Welcome to the That's Crafty team.
    Beautiful use of the stencil to create this sweet maiden.

  7. This is absolutely stunning, Donna! Great inks and a fabulous stencil do not make art. YOU have made art here by your wonderful coloring skills and sense of order. Love this!

  8. Ah thank you all for being so lovely to me ;)
    Extra big hugs
    Donna xxx

  9. Slightly late with my welcome Donna and glad I popped by as your portrait looks stunning with the flowers as her hair.
    Fliss xx

  10. HUGE CONGRATS on your GD spot, fantastic to see you here and with a fantastic first post.

    The JD stencils are fantastic and a need for anyone who wants to learn to draw. You have created beautiful eyes and lips both alive and lush. Great funky flowery hair:-) xxx

  11. Wow! This is amazing Donna! She's beautiful!
    Great to have you guesting!
    Alison xxx

  12. Yes, Amazing Donna! So creative, a fabulous portrait. Ruth x


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