Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Background Making by Mandy C



To make your own backgrounds you will need a variety of things… for these ones I’ve used paint, sprays (both mica and ink), stencils, texture paste, a ‘scraper’ (I use an old payment card) card or paper


These are all on A5 size card/paper so ideal for making a project.


Background No.1





Let’s start with an easy one… for this I’ve used the DecoArt Neon Paints and a scraper.

As these paints as transparent you get a lovely effect of the underneath colours coming through.

Add some bits of paint to the card and ‘scrape’ through it.

It’s always a good idea to have a spare piece of card or paper to wipe your excess paint onto. (this is called a serendipity piece)


Background No.2






For this background I used paints and stencils.

You don’t have to use the items/colours I used but the stencils were Mini Chicken Wire and Mini Spinning Tops and Dutch Doobadoo Wheels.

Paints are a selection of Distress Paints (Antique Linen, Seedless Preserves, Wild Honey) and Pitch Black Adirondack Dabber.

Start with the Antique Linen, add paint to the card and scrape across. Add some lilac paint using the scraping method. Then start using your paints through the stencils (never use the whole of the stencil), lay the stencil across your card and dab paint through in random patches. It makes a more interesting textural piece of background. Keep adding paint until you are happy with it.


Background No3






This one is made on a piece of old paper. Spritz first using some mica spray. I’ve used a turquoise. Dry with a heat tool (when using sprays you should always dry between layers as it prevents ‘muddying’). Scrape a few lines of a copper colour around the outside. Now we can start with our stencilling. For this background I’ve used Doodle Squares with the pitch black Adirondack dabber and a damask stencil with some texture paste mixed with copper paint. I also used the damask stencil with a Distress Paint - Festive Berries.

Next week I will be using the backgrounds to make a project to share with you.
Mandy C

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  1. These all look fab Mandy - really great ideas.
    Fliss xx


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