Thursday, 7 August 2014

Gelli Plate Coaster by Carol Fox



I thought I would try the Gelli plate on a different surface this week, so I have used an MDF Square to make a coaster.




·       Give the square 3 thin coats of Gesso, thin coats are better than one thick coat as you don’t get any lines in the gesso and it gives a smoother surface for your paint.



·       I used 3 colours on my Gelli Plate, mixing them with a roller directly on the plate, I went for a minimal amount of paint as I wanted it to be a muted background. I pressed my square onto the Gelli in the same way as you would a sheet of paper.

·       I laid a stencil onto the Gelli and brayered white paint over it, I removed my stencil and then pressed the square into the Gelli surface.

·       I now looked at my background and worked out where my main image would be placed. I brayed a very thin coat of white paint onto a small section of the Gelli Plate and pressed the part of the tile where my image would be stamped on this section to give me a fairly area to stamp onto. The colours still showed through but in a more muted way.



·       I stamped my image directly onto the tile using black Archival ink, I stamped my quote onto a book margin, cut it out and stuck it in place using Cosmic Shimmer Glue and then edged it with black hand drawn lines.

·       I painted my image using DecoArt Multi Surface Paints, using a very small amount of paint, thinning it with water as I painted the image and blending colours on the tile to get the finished look. The Decoart paint is quite slow drying so it worked well on the Gelli plate and to colour my image.

·       I finished with some stamping in black Archival ink. I also applied a small amount of black paint to the edges with a piece of Cut and Dry Foam.


I used

MDF Tile
Dina Wakely Rubber Stamps: Face in the Crowd and Scribbly Women
Cosmic Shimmer Glue


Carol x


  1. Love it,thank you for the lovely tutorial and inspiration. Will definitely try this,it looks really fab

    Donna x

  2. This is fabulous Carol and a clever idea too.
    Fliss xx


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