Thursday, 21 August 2014

Butterfly Gift Box by Carol Fox



I haven’t altered a box for ages so I have decorated one this week to share with you. I have just used one set of stamps and quite basic items, so if you fancy having a go yourself it is not a project that you will need lots of stash for.


·       I gave my box a coat of cream paint. I then very lightly rubbed it down before giving it a 2nd coat. I used Honeydew Fresco paint as it is a nice aged cream colour and the chalky finish of the paint is a great surface to stamp onto.


·       I did all my stamping using black Archival ink, being careful that each side was dry before I moved onto the next so I did not get any smudges.


·       Once all my stamping was dry I lightly edged the box with black acrylic paint applied with a piece of Cut and Dry Foam. Before sealing it with Glue and Seal Medium.


·      To finish I added a button to the front as a faux knob.


Little boxes like these make great gifts and they are so quick to decorate.


I used 



  1. This is beautiful Carol and a stunning box for keepsakes etc. thank you for sharing the recipe.
    Hugs Annie x

  2. Love your altered box, Carol! Striking contrast between that cream and black acrylic ink for the stamping! Super images make it perfect!

  3. I think your little box is adorable Carol. Fab job !
    Corrie x

  4. A really lovely idea Carol and the stamped decoration looks just fab.
    Fliss x


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