Thursday, 24 July 2014

Gelli Plate and fun with a friend by Carol Fox

I have had one of the Stampendous Mono Plates for a while and I have never played with it. I happened to mention it to a friend recently and, after a loud tut, decided she was coming round to make me use it as she had one and loved it. So we had a great day playing, using lots of paint and stencils and generally making a right old mess.

I was instructed on how to apply my paint using a brayer; pull off one print and then a 2nd ghost image. We then used stencils to add more paint to the block before re-positioning the already painty paper to add extra layers to my background. Again, apply the 2nd sheet for the ghost image. Really I am building up two sheets of background with the same paint but one is a lot more muted colour wise and a bit patchy where the paint is thinner on the block.

We used various acrylic paints, including DecoArt, Fresco Finish and Eco Green and a few odd ones I had lying around. We found them all to be pretty much the same on the plate. We were driven by colour and not brand and we did have to make ourselves step away from the pinks and blues to vary it a bit.

I think this is my favourite background.

Or is it one of these, it’s so hard to decide.

This is definitely one piece of kit that I shall now not be putting away for very long. My friend had a smaller one than mine and a different brand and we both tried them both out and I did like the smaller one too, so I think this is one I shall be adding to my stash in the near future.

I used

Carol x

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