Thursday, 15 May 2014

All the Gals on the Block by Carol Fox



I have used some of the images from the “All the Gals” stamp set on an ATB block this week.



What I did


·       I cut a box to use as the basis for my block. I cut it from white card as I would be colouring it with Distress inks once I had done my background.



·       I made my background on a sheet of white mid weight paper from a cheapie journal book that I brought to use as single pages for backgrounds. I gave it a base by spritzing with spray inks and then layered paints and gesso over it using stencils and adding extra colour by dry brushing some paint on, I stopped when I had a basic background, as I wanted to add further things once I had cut it up and laid my images on to it.



·       I cut it into squares slightly smaller than the sides of the square block, I cut 5 squares as I did not put one on the bottom of the block.



·       I stamped the 4 images I wanted to use onto off white card and cut them out, because of the nature of the images I did not cut them close to the lines as I would be colouring them in a messy way and would be going over the lines, and where the images seem to end in mid air I tore along this edge so there was not a harsh cut line.

·       I laid them images on my cut squares to give me an idea of where I wanted to add further background elements in.



·       I then removed the images, added a bit of extra stencilling, I then stuck them down using multi medium and coloured them with odd pencils and the left over paint on my craft mat. I added a word from the sheet of stamps, and a bit of black stamping using the bubble wrap stamp from Kaisercraft.

·       I finished each square buy running a line of machine stitching round them and applying black paint to darken the edges.

·       I coloured the square with picked raspberry distress ink and attached my decorated squares to it. I then assembled my square, and attached the 5th decorated square to the top. I lightly applied black paint round all the edges of the box.



·       I finished the square by adding a small stack of Tim Holtz rosettes to the top, these were die cut from the remaining background. I also cut the roses from the left over background, which I added to the stack along with a few other bits and pieces. I wound a short length of wire round the outside, to which I attached flowers also stamped onto the left over background. I added four beads as feet.




I used

Hot Glue Gun to glue the wire in place
Reclaimed butterfly and hat pins and beads

Carol x


  1. Wow! That's a stunning ATB, Carol.

  2. Wow! That's a stunning ATB, Carol.

  3. Stunning and I love the sense of movement achieved with the addition of the wire.

  4. Great ATB Carol, love the wire and the colours!
    Keep seeing pics of these.......soooooo going to have to have a play with one!! Lol!

  5. Love it, must have those scribbly girl, must have those scribbly girls...... lol
    Corrie x

  6. Gorgeous ATB. The colour scheme is perfect and the embellishment... fantastic.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  7. Totally cool ATB - it's a wow, Carol!
    Alison x


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